Bialetti Moka Express Review and Demonstration

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The moka pot is the classic and typical Italian way of making coffee at home. In this video I review the latest iteration of the Bialetti Moka Express, and demonstrate how to make coffee with this iconic coffee maker.

For more on my relationship with the Bialetti Moka Express, see


Youtube Account says:

Not that common throughout South America– mostly just Argentina.

John M says:

The people who are giving this guy hell for anything can take a hike. What the hell. I hate coffee people. Such snobs. The man not only told you how to make the damn coffee, he also gave the moka pot's history, geographical data, design features, level of pressure, older vs newer models, etc… Basically, the dude showed a lot of love for this device and didn't trip over his words. If you can do better, then go make a 14 minute presentation yourself without spilling the fuckin coffee.

tomwright2008 says:

A little baking soda in warm water will do away with calcium deposits . It also gets rid of those brown stains that build up in all coffee makers ( and cups ).

Dennis Allison says:

Great job explaining – let's give him a break on the tidy thing he was focusing on communication.

Charlie Winter says:

the water level mark is inside the top unit so you can measure it then pour it into the bottom, the level mark says H2O on it!

Amanda S says:

we agree with other comments indicating this is an excellent review!   it is especially nice in that the presenter did not add a loud, distracting and annoying musical sound track as soooo many reviewers  like to do.  kudo's to the MoveableChef !

Major Stokem says:

Great video and well explained, thank you! At the end of the day, if this is NOT an espresso maker, how many people have purchased this – thinking it WAS one. NOT COOL BIALETTI GRRRRRRR… 🙁

Tom Atkinson says:

Peter, thank you for the great video. Buying one today.

Daniel Liuzzi says:

What you describe at 8:33 is exactly how Cuban coffee is made. It's very common in Miami.

David Mccausland says:

you know how to make coffee but do you know how to make cafecito??

kerry415 says:

Hi, there!Great video! Thanks for sharing!Do you happen to know how to open it if the pot is stucked?

David Greenberg says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Very helpful and you sure brought out all the experts.

johnni says:

damn this guy talks a lot just show us the demonstration already it should take 2 min

eric vong says:

Thanks for all informative stuff. I bought that stove top espresso instead of espresso machine and undoubtedly it makes an amazing coffee. I store my coffee afterwards in a Thermal carafe like this to keep it hot all day long. Love your tips..thank you

Haider Ramadhan says:

Can we use Turkish coffee grind for this?

Monkeydoer says:

I've washed this pot with dish soap when I first received it. Is it safe to use now after using soap ? I heard I'm not supposed to wash with dish soap..
also, why do I still smell rubber from the rubber gasket and metal smell is so bad no matter how many times I boil the pot with water and vinegar

charles says:

I used one of these every day for 30 years with no problems then in one week I had two "blow up" in the space of a week. When I say "blew up" the top part blew off from the bottom. No injuries but it made a hell of a mess of the ceiling.

Dan Severns says:

The Bialetti moka express pot has had the pressure relief valve since it was patented in 1933.

Edgar Winter says:

Yes this is an old video. But great tutorial nonetheless. Any recommendation for actual grind, in cans, here in the USA?

Samson Bandy says:

Aluminum is very hazardous to a person's health
Never use it [first coffee maker]
Aluminum will collect in brain tissue linked to Alzheimer's
Only stainless steel

Jackie Eastom says:

strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.just gonna leave this here

Blanca Perez says:

I like this way of making coffee better than the pour over method. Much less trouble! Thanks for letting me know I can quit looking for those little lines inside the bottom! Your guidance improved my method!

Daniela Arteaga says:

5 minutes before he actually starts using it and then another minute or so before he gets to the coffee. I just needed the how to not all of the talking because it was almost 8 minutes of unnecessary info before he gets to useful information. Then more talking.

Use Martha Stewart's video, step by step, less chit chat and you have coffee in your cup in less than 5 minutes.

Cynthia Waldrop says:

My coffee didn't come up! I don't understand, I've never had a problem with coffee grind before, but could it be it was packed too tight? I never heard of this, in Napoli, they pack their coffee in the moka, double of what you'd think it would hold. Any comments?

pattythe seeker says:

Thanks for posting this video

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