Better Home and Gardens Grind & Brew Coffee Maker DEMO

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Coffee Maker Demo of the Better Home and Gardens Grind and Brew Coffee Machine.


shari young says:

do you have to use coffee beans or can you use pre ground coffee tooο»Ώ

Jason Coffee says:

@wheely132 It took about 7 minutes, I will talk about the coffee taste in
the review video, Next up!

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@klarinetta Or grind in the store

phillip klocko says:

wtf i didnt comment this

phillip klocko says:

I have this coffee maker and use Braum’s whole beans in it. To me it makes
great coffee. After a year I am still in love with it!

gusthebroken2 says:

I liked πŸ˜‰

wheely132 says:

I like that coffee maker! How long did it take to brew? How did the coffee

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Hello you like that this grinder has built in blade grinder inside the
filter cone ? Yeah maybe easier to clean but worse grind consistent=worse
cup of coffee.

katybrewer1966 says:

very interesting.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@klarinetta Just buy pre-ground coffee is better than grinding your fresh
coffee beans in terribly bad coffee grinders.

Jason Coffee says:

@klarinetta great observations! I will go over this in the next video. πŸ™‚

Jason Coffee says:

@katybrewer1966 thank you!

Jason Coffee says:

@heartsafecooking πŸ™‚

Jason Coffee says:

@NaptownBrown317420 I am really glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback!

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@CoffeeCupNews I got so fed up with the terrible Siemens coffee
grinder(conical I believe) that my parents got that gives very inconsistent
grind and static that gives very powdery coffee stuck to the sides although
you choose the coarsest setting that I went and bought(luckily on 15% sale)
Baratza Maestro Plus grinder for them for Christmas present though it’s the
most expensive gift I’ve ever given them. You so can taste it in french
press with bitterness and grounds in the cup.

Jason Coffee says:

@gusthebroken2 thanks!

NaptownBrown317420 says:

thanks so much! I know the coffee maker is fairly simple, but I had to
watch you to figure out what I was doing wrong….I was literally ready to
freak out on someone, so thank you so much!

heartsafecooking says:

I want that!

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