Best single serve coffee maker – Compare Cuisinart vs Keurig

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Best single serve coffee maker – Compare Cuisinart vs Keurig In order to find which one is the best single serve coffee maker we hava made a comparision betw…


Lindsay Lenz says:

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Aaron Leather says:

HAHAHA “BUDDON” sorry Josh G I think the keurig is ugly as shit in
comparison to the Cuisinart but I guess our difference in opinion is why
there are both! 7 &1/4 oz? why? 

Josh G says:

The Keurig is much nicer to look at, though the Cuisinart seems to be more
practical. Personally, I LOVE my Keurig. It’s just for me, anyway, so the
tank size is fine. It makes delicious coffee, which is what I got it for,
so I’m a happy customer! :-)

Tiffany Jacobs says:

where did you find the all silver one for the cuisinart, i can only find
the silver and black model

Alex S says:

keurig sucks. Melted plastic. bought one and returned it abolutely awful
coffee, diluted, overpriced and bitter and PLASTIC as all fuck.

jdelasko says:

Ha! I had to stop watching after I heard that. No way I could take the rest
of the review seriously.

KitchenandDiningify says:

Bought this Mr. Coffee coffeemaker a few weeks ago and I love it. Makes
great coffee and it brews pretty quickly. Highly recommended here is the
link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.toZE4r4f

Rohin Patel says:

Thanks for the review but would have liked a bit about the quality of the
coffee they both produce.

Gregory Moore says:

Thx for nice review! Why did you not use same cup for each if you’re really
comparing. Still I appreciate the time you put into it!

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