Best French Press Coffee Maker – Buying Guide

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Close’s team review the latest French Press Coffee Makers every year. After expert analysis, our experts prepares buying guides that recommend the best Coffee Press in every category, from Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Makers to Travel Coffee Press.


* Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Makers –

* Glass French Press Coffee Makers –

* Ceramic French Press Coffee Makers –

* Luxury French Press Coffee Makers –

* One of a kind Coffee Press-
One of a kind Coffee Press

* Travel French Press Coffee Makers –

Exceptional coffee experience, affordable price


generationfourth says:

the aeropress is in a whole different category of its own. has no business being here amongst French presses.

Macnutz420 says:

I am fond of stone ware ceramic but when I replace my Le Creuset, I am going for stainless steel.

XTC S says:

I have too many pour over drippers. So by default I have to dislike French presses. Or else I would have wasted those hard earned money. Why does the Espro brand cost much more than other stainless steel brands? Is it even worth it?

Jackson Carlo Ollero says:

For a youtube channel that is literally named "frenchpresscoffee," it's surprising you don't have a video about brewing coffee on a french press. I've seen you "ground coffee," "add water," and "wait."

Jim Mellon says:

Please have Kathleen — I believe that’s her name. The coffee quote girl. — host more videos. The one she hosted early on, when you started this channel, was much better than anything your regular host does.

bkcpisme says:

I like my coffee like I like my women. Cold, dark, and bitter.

Question: For someone starting out with French presses, but not a beginner by any means in drinking coffee, is the added cost of a stainless steel press worth it?

nthnmc says:

One huge upside to the AeroPress is the time. It takes much less time to make a cup of coffee than it does with a french press. It's my go to for coffee while camping.

That all glass french press is absolutely AMAZING though. Definitely the most beautifully designed french press I've seen.

JK 241 says:

i had the Le Creuset. then a cup from cupboard fell on it and broke it.

Rafael Bevilacqua says:

Love your videos, learned to use my French Press with you guys! Thanks!!!

Khim Seily says:

How to buy that one?

80's kid 4ever says:

Ok, so I've recently purchased the Breville Smart Grinder Pro to help get the best french press coffee I can try to brew. I set the dial all the way to press and followed the YouTuber James Hoffmann's recipe to-the-letter. Nope. Still am not brewing that perfect cup. I've opened up the Breville and adjusted the burr with the additional manual settings for a more coarse grind. Going to keep the same recipe and report back

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