Best Choice K Cup Coffee Maker

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Dave L says:

Can you stand up on the counter ,pull down your pants and bend over for
us….please ?´╗┐

Meteor62x2 says:

A 40 second Intro??? Gimme a break.

Mp Justice says:

I want to be inside u

vivey623 says:

whats ur favorite coffee

Christopher Green says:

I’m glad I got keurig machine because the last straw was when I was getting
a cappuccino out of one of the machines they had and I stuck my cup under
pressed a button (still holding my cup) the machine spit hot powder all
over my hand and lower arm I walked up to the register with my cup sat my
cup on the counter and the lady goes …. will that be all ? I said notice
all the powder on my arm? lol and she goes where is that from I said your
brewer back there better fix it.

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