Belgium coffee maker

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To enjoy the best coffee you ever tasted you have to follow a few easy steps: Place grinded coffee in the glass and pour water in the kettle. Light the burne…


Nino Djuras says:

Classy as fuck.

bubbabouyi says:

i would make my every day like this ……except i need to work , so dunken
donuts will do for now

lowde2000 says:

The idea if great, but drinking coffee made in a brass pot doesn’t sound
good to me. The brass would be hell to keep looking good too. I’d like tike
stainless steel better, maybe glass.


the web site isn’t in english and i have no idea what it says could you
send me a link to an english site or something plz

ignas2526 says:

lol awesome

PavalonTech says:

Now that is cool 🙂

mrcandyman187 says:

@lowde2000 It’s actually gold, not brass, FYI.

debsen1 says:

Very nice!

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