Atomic Coffee Maker

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The Atomic Coffee maker made by Bellman.


nickos933 says:

i’ve been trying to pull some crema like that for a while now with no
success. is there something in particular that you do/use to get such nice

Dave Corbey says:

I use fresh coffee and grind it using a decent grinder. The coffee ideally
should have been roasted within the previous 6 weeks and the grinder should
to cost around £200+

PJohnny76 says:

Kool video, what’s the name of the song?

patrick b says:

decent crema!

oktyone says:

Crema looks beautiful! props for getting the most out of your

richard duenas says:

you can purchase replacement seals for this machine at a great site called
orphan espresso dot com. I got seals for my vesuvianna for 15 bucks and am
in espresso heaven. Plus they have original manuals and all kinds of items.
Its great.

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