American Press vs Aeropress vs French Press

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The American Press combines a pressurized brewing technique (similar to the Aeropress) and the classic shape of a regular French press. How do they compare? Gail puts them to the test. We used the cofffee-to-water ratios and grind settings recommended by each of the manufacturers:
Aeropress: Medium-fine grind
American Press: Medium grind
French Press: Coarse grind

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Jose Castell says:

Those are 1:16 ratios roughly. Found better body and flavour using 1:121:14 ratios. By the way they should ban the imperial system please use metric like 99% of the world. 1 gram equals 1 ml, easy! you cannot directly relate an ounce to a mL to an inch to a bloody yard people.

Jaws Fishing says:

Although i have never tried the other two i will stand by the french press as it alows yo to let the coffee steep for whatever amount of time you want which makes it easier to get the exact flavor you want which each cup its also easier to use and therefore easier to prefect.


Did not visit this channel for a while, overall I'm a fan of the channel and the host and coffee in general. Like the production a lot as usually, don't like the content this time, sorry, poorly done.

Brian Harder says:

The American Press is a handsome looking product but I found the loading of the filter unit tedious compared to the Aeropress. It also limits how much coffee you can use as the basket is pretty small. Good enough for a typical cup, I guess. Clean up is also more fiddly since you can't just pop the "puck" into the trash or compost like you can with the Aeropress. Sadly, it's expensive and just sits on my shelf now.

stephen meinhold says:

I use a coffee machine its limited to one cup at a time but its the best tasting coffee so far
I use my own coffee with reusable pods.

Michael Alan Anciano says:

why didn't she use the same ratios for all three?

Omar Ignacio says:

That plastic vessel on the American Press bothers me because I hate endocrine disrupters but I like everything else about it.

Tim W says:

So without me doing the maths, are the ratios all about 8:1, 16:1, or what?

Jeff Anon says:

Why not use same amount of water and coffee?

Laurence Kueffer says:

I like your presentation style. I was making coffee in the other room, and found your voice very pleasant.

Tyg Rahof says:

Nothing beats a french press.

This Channel has a Clever Name says:

This channel must have the worst uninsightful reviews ever. "Oh, it's stronger. But then we didn't use the same ratio so just buy all three and tell us". Gotta be kidding..

MrFonz says:

Great video…coffee..two ingredients, water and coffee…..many flavors, amazing

M K says:

Moka is by far the best coffee maker.
Test was ok but you can be more accurate with your approach.

Berelore says:

Thank god you didn't use the same ratio for each press. We wouldn't want to accidentally do a useful test.

David Shafer says:

Can you make cold break in the American Press?

Nick Cloyd says:

Very nice demo of 3 strong contenders. Excellent presentation.

I’ve been grinding whole beans for 48 years.
*Buy beans wholesale from a roaster with numerous US and World Awards.
*Prefer French Press; 30 second medium coarse grind primed and followed by 3min steep.
Favorite Drink for 48 years, when away from home; Double Short (8oz) Wet Cappuccino with a Heavy Cream.

Ryuji Suzuki says:

Why don't you hold the coffee-to-water ratio constant and adjust the extraction time for even strength/boldness and then note the fine differences in the flavor profile???

Exciteduser says:

$79 US for the American press is a bit high for a plastic container.

Adrien Barbier says:

The big question is: what is the difference in matter of taste between the pressure and the infusion method? The next question for me is about the foam. I wonder if the american and the aero press can give you the foam, but i know that the french press can give you some. Juste take it out with a spoon before you press. If you press first, the foam will disappear, and the coffee will not be as good. Cheers!

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