Amazing Modified Keurig Coffee Maker

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UConn students Jesse Garrard, Thanh-Lam Dinh, Shayan Rizvi, and Mevludin Guster, in collaboration with iDevices, modified a Keurig coffee maker to interact w…


UConn says:

Ever wished you could brew coffee from your #Keurig while you’re still in
bed? What if we told you that you could select a flavor, amount, and the
time when it should brew too? UConn School of #Engineering seniors Jesse
Garrard, Tham Lam Dinh, Shayan Rizvi, and Mevludin Guster have designed a
#Bluetooth-enabled Keurig for their senior project. Watch it in action:

Xavier Jones says:

Too bad the “coffee” still tastes like ASS……..

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