AEROPRESS – The Ultimate Tactical Coffee Maker.

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If you were forced to leave and go to the FEMA CAMPS, this would be the only coffee maker you would take with you. LINK: A…


PrimalDiet says:

Some people say it only lasted 5 months and others say the rubber dried out
and leaked. What is a good way to keep rubber lubricated in storage if your
not using it for awhile?

Steve Brettell says:

I agree. Been using it for years. At my age, I can’t remember how many
years, or what day it is, but for some number of years.

Nocturnal Link says:

Damn, life must be good for you, bro. :D

mojsmg says:

Just put my order in last night. I was out hunting last weekend & the pour
over V60 just takes to long to fill my thermos. I’m going to use it for the
holiday deer hunt out here, can’t wait. 

Sean G says:

You should think about getting a metal filter. Easy cleanup and no running
out of filters.

Jan Netík says:

I love the way you enjoy life 😀 And thanks for the review od Aeropress, I
just can’t wait till I have one too!

101rosebud says:

Helpful and hilarious! Have you ever used a Chemex? I love mine but will
get this as another option. Clever not to show what you look like, but now
I’m curious. 

Andrew Kennedy says:

I love your video mate, your so well set up for a survival situation but
how much coffee will you be stockpiling to see you through? I bet there’d
be a war of coffee as much as there would be for oil!! 😉 I love this
Aeropress too, it’s changed everything about Coffee for me too, would love
to try roasting myself although there’s a beauty roaster down the road and
he’s got me sorted with some lovely Guatemalan single origin Arabica!! Good

eyad ghuzlan says:

i want to live with you man

mpfball79 says:

Dude, where on earth did you find that antique Arabic roaster? I’ve been
trying to find one with that style and I’m having no luck. I’m looking for
one with the dome in the middle.

themsocialskills says:

Where did the cup stand that you use to boil over the alcohol stove come

TheDanielShepherd says:

This video was great, watching from the UK! 🙂

Downy101DS says:

Ok cool, thanks for the info yankee. Il be getting mine from your site

PJ Phillips says:

Great video !

Downy101DS says:

Awesome video, gonna get one for my girl. Just a question though, watching
videos and studying about it a bit. I see some leave the coffee in the
thing to soak in the flavor more. But on the other side i watched a couple
peepz say do it quick because you just want the flavor but not anything
extra such as acids in the coffee and other junk i guess. So is there just
a sweet spot in reference to time? and when you say leave it in there, are
we talking 15-20sec or 45sec+?

Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) says:

This is an absolute personal preference. Too long an extract can result in
bitterness. Just one of the Aeropresse’s advantages is that it has a micro
filter which catches the oils that you do not want, unlike a crappy French
press. So it creates a much smoother cup of joe and is easier on sensitive
stomachs. To be honest, I do long extracts because I am a hopeless strong
coffee romantic.

Ellen Lee says:


luckynbr13 says:

Had my headphones in, think I lost some hearing when you dumped the beans
in the strainer.

wildcat19671 says:

ok you sold me I want one

armywifeprepper says:

No cream and sugar? 🙂 or is that one of your “flipflop” rules? Hubby has
been looking for exactly that kind of coffee press for our packs we were
starting to think it didn’t exist. Thanks for sharing and saving us from
the java jones on our next trip!

Gunzshow55312 says:

Do you ever watch old Vincent Price movies?

3buffalo13 says:

I COULD smell it! and I’m not supposed to have coffee this late at night!
Good vid! Thanks

Clint Love says:

Suspicious Minds always reminds me of embalming. One of our leads at the
mortuary listened to Elvis non stop in the prep room.

MotorCityPrepper says:

And here I thought you were some kind of electrician or something. I may
consider this system, as I’m an addict. Where do you get that roaster?

evilassaultweaponeer says:

The pleasure’s all mine. And once again I’m enjoying one of their other
offerings now before work.

injectec says:

I just placed my order for the press and 10 lbs of beans from your site! I
have been drinking Maxwell House for 20 years and am ready for a change,
that cup of coffee looked so good I wanted to give it a try myself.

gene ferrari says:

Yep ! the YP is another OCD coffee guy…my Mrs. said, hey look
Gene…There is another guy ,”mad scientist” coffee guy, holy smoke…now
he’s roasting coffee ! the Mrs. does love the stuff also…”coffee” that is
to say, we were in the coffee biz for a brief time. Mr. Y.P. knows of what
he speaks…this is all good stuff….If you really “love
attention to this…this is how to make that happen for real…”Way to go
YP.” This is the good stuff !

neil1786 says:

Another great vid. I do not roast but will soon. I can only enjoy a cup of
coffee from my French press, drip coffee is so weak after drinking press
coffee. You reminded me my blade grinder is a POS, I need to prioritize a
real grinder.

MolonLabeAndDie says:

Brandy, damn that brings back some memories.

Matthew Sevier says:

Great video, and I love the TransOceanic at the end.

Tc Cv says:

I like how you expelled the coffee puck. BOOM! shot it out at least 6 feet
into the snow pile. I got my aeropress last week and it is awesome!!

Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) says:

I do not know anything about pink styrofoam, my specialty is blue
expert on pink styrofoam. Please contact him for additional info.

TxC47 says:

awful taste in music but vocally top notch

rachel Wood says:

smells good

Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) says:

I was simply pointing out what the kit comes with. I am MAN, so I didn’t
need to read the instructions to operate the AEROPRESS. But they are in
there in case a troll or a metrosexual wants to purchase one.

Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) says:

IT will be like eating tofu for 20 years and getting a steak.

ratherbecampin says:

Is that a mini oil heater I just saw on your bench? Watched your vid a good
while back where you refinished the other big guys. Really nice!!!

Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) says:

L-M-A-O !!!!!!!!!!!!!

RebLin51 says:

I like your attitude! I used to work at The Seabreeze Coffee Connection
that used to be in Daytona Beach, FL No fancy shmancy coffee drinks. We did
do espresso, and serve it with steamed milk but otherwise it was good beans
fresh from the roaster at Willoughby’s Coffee Company. I might just get an
Aeorpress. I can’t get good quality beans around here so I will probably
order a supply of them too soon. Burr grinders are the only way to grind a
proper bean. You don’t have Yergacheffe on your site

Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) says:

That depends on where you are. I have a local store here that does carry
them. (I think it’s like 3 bucks for 300 of them.?) Before I found the
local store, I ordered them on line. There is a permenant silver screen
that you can buy too for about 16 bucks, but I don’t recommend it. It
bascially turns the press into a small French Press. The filters are a
micro filter. I have seen people cut up coffee filters too when they
accidently ran out.

SoCals Preps says:

Dug the roasting lesson man, thanks… that coffee maker would be key on a
trip outdoors for sure, way easier than standing around waiting for a
bubbling peculator… thanks for the info bud

Badger Man says:

Love the vids 🙂 Forgive my ignorance but what is that kitsch little heater
you have for the water at around 12:35?

Engineer8811 says:

I thought you are supposed to throw away all directions. LOL

Mathew Panattoni says:

Dude you are awesome!!! -Cheers!

8TRAX says:

I haven’t bought a roasted bean since I roasted my first ones 2 years ago.
No comparison. I’m always looking for my next favorite bean and would like
to know what you like best. I’m partial to Kenyan AA at the moment. I’m
relatively new to prepping and appreciate your level headed approach and
would like to thank you for the information you put out there for those of
us trying to learn.

Yankee Self-Sufficiency (Combining Snarky and Fine Coffee) says:

Thanks bro. I use a Hario hand grinder, but most of the time while camping
a pre grind unless I am going for a long haul.

Toeknee Toe says:

Thanks for making Coffee porn.

Judith Auslander says:

I just purchased from you the Aeropress. I have two questions. First, what
is the funnel for? I didn’t see you use it, and none of the other YouTube
videos I’ve watched use it. The instructions don’t mention it. The other
question is – what kind of bean grinder did you say to use – I use the
blade kind which you really got down on? Thanks – enjoying my first cup
now. Judith

munchh2007 says:

Hi YP, have you seen or tried the stainless steel filter replacement for
the Europress? I have found it on ebay and am just thinking it might be a
good addition to the setup?

mojsmg says:

Thanks for tell us the difference. They do look like they work the same way
but different at the same time. Some of the best coffee i’ve had was from
Grandma’s old french press. I’ll be putting in a order for a few of the
areo’s for sure. Those will make great gifts for the coffee junkies in my
family, thanks YP.

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