Aeropress Espresso and Coffee Maker in Action

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Aeropress is an amazing coffee maker that makes the best cup of coffee in a minute–wherever you are.


Robert Pavich says:

How in the world did you get that crema on this thing????

Tom Barnett says:

This sleepless night is brought to you me by the Aeropress.

So easy, so delicious, you just can’t help but make coffee all day long.

sean carter says:

I tried out my new Aeropress this morning and I have to say it is perhaps
the smoothest cup of coffee I’ve ever had! Amazing really!

AeroPress India says:

Aeropress is an amazing coffee maker that makes the best cup of coffee in a
minute–wherever you are.

ptle says:

@wangouthangout I just got one and once I get the water heated, it’s only
30 seconds before I’ve got a warm cup of coffee.

Garion Bracken says:

Surely that’s not enough time to brew!

RicardoAlpert815 says:

Just bought mine too. I hear it is the absolute best at coffee! I cannot
wait for it to come 🙂

Nate Hrivnak says:

My wife and I registered for this for our wedding. She got a divorce. I
kept the Aeropress. Couldn’t be happier.

frogsoda says:

Your comment seems contradictory. You say that you don’t get the full
flavor of the coffee with a French Press after 4 mins. But you do with the
Aeropress in just 30 seconds? Using a paper filter? Either way, you are
still just pushing water thru beans. What sorcery does the Aeropress use to
extract “full flavor” in just thirty seconds. Most coffee hounds consider
30 seconds as pre infusion. Are you using instant coffee?

batonrye says:

I took the AeroPress camping for the best camper-coffee ever!

BigDaddyDishrags says:

How the hell is 350 filters a year’s supply? I drink 5 a day

Nate Hrivnak says:

Due to the fact that you sound like a true coffee connoisseur, can you
please explain the use of the word “pre infusion”?

frogsoda says:

Well I am no connoisseur, but I have done some reading, and some people
will add a small amount of water to the French press to soak the grounds
for about thirty seconds before adding the rest of the hot water to steep
for 3-4 minutes. IDK if it makes a difference or not but regardless, I just
don’t see how you can extract any kind of flavor from coffee beans in 30

Metsada007 says:

Hi, could you explain why the HandPresso is better?

TheRealjos2thehua says:

Thanks. I currently use a Bodum three-cup french press and I was wondering
about the aeropress. I have heard that the aeropress doesn’t really require
a high quality grinder like the french press needs to get the full flavor
out of the beans. I will probably end up buying an aeropress soon but since
I already have a french press I’ll probably use both methods.

Jamie says:

just bought mine yesterday at a coffee shop, while I was visiting Seattle,
WA (I’m from Portland, OR).. I thought I would regret spending so much on
it.. BEST INVESTMENT EVER! Just had my first cup and the taste was sooooo
amazing! So glad I bought this and can’t wait to take it with me EVERYWHERE!

Kuta Balsa says:

Remember that the Aeropress requires a fine grind similar to espresso while
French presses require a coarse grind similar to percolator. Another plus
about brews from the Aeropress is that it is very clean due to the paper
micro filter.

enkopte says:

@aljbetta you can’t make your all time favourite coffee with hand presso,
this way you can make whatever fresh coffee you like instead of those
pre-made pouches of coffee

vecernicek2 says:

could you tell me what is the music?

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@pamemake I love acidity in coffee so coffee in Aeropress tastes dull with
less flavor and it requires more coffee to be used than other methods.

Kuta Balsa says:

@Metsada007 Yes you can use your own grind. Preferably a fine grind of any
coffee you want.

J. Kang says:

what kind of plastic is it made out of?

pamemake says:

Just had it come to my home so I made a cup right away to test it with fine
ground coffee. Wow….wow…smooth…flavor is deep. Very impressive. It’s
as simple as the video shows. I think the absence of acidity is where the
improved flavor comes from. I’m sold.

Metsada007 says:

Can you use your own grind coffee beans for this coffee maker?

adisharr says:

I can’t wait to try mine – should be here in a few days 🙂

Kuta Balsa says:

For me, Aeropress wins by a wide margin. I don’t get the full flavor of the
coffee with a French Press. Not mention that I need to wait at least 4
minutes for the coffee to brew in the French Press. Then, there’s also the
fact that I can take the Aeropess when I travel because of its rugged

193322009 says:

We have been using our Aeropress for about two years and it has been great!
I met the inventor at a local coffee shop when he was giving a
demonstration. As a former engineer I have to say that this coffeemaker has
some great engineering! Also, I want to say that this video, IMHO, is the
best one on the Aeropress because it’s right to the point without a bunch
of blah blah. Now, I am going to make myself a nice hot cup of coffee using
French dark roast beans ~

TheRealjos2thehua says:

So this or the french press, which one wins in your opinion?

Kuta Balsa says:

@batonrye Same here. Once took it on a camping trip with other dads and
their kids. Our tent had the best morning coffee all throughout the camp
site, thanks to the Aeropress.

flashyshoe011 says:

I love a good mug first thing in the morning, got some good brand ideas
from coffeeloverstipsandtricks (.) com

Dmitriy Fonov says:

Кто пробовал сие чудо? Есть отзывы по вкусу?

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