A demonstration of the Keurig B30 Mini K-Cup Coffee Maker

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Of all the Keurig K-Cup coffee makers, the B30 Mini is the smallest. It’s perfect for when you have limited counter space, whether that be in a small kitchen…


ryon hazen says:


V Holliman says:

I do like the B30 Mini K-cup. However, I like to have one big cup of coffee
in the morning. Over 10 oz. but not more than 12 oz. I would like to see
Keurig make a model that will increase the size of the 1st cup to at least
12 ozs.

bried30 says:

I have the B60 (Special Ed.) myself and love it. The B30 (mini) is better
suited for an apartment or office more than a household. The B60 also has
more features, and can brew multiple cups of coffee, tea, cocoa, etc, w/o
having to refill water before each cup. The B30 does save on space and
price and leaves a smaller carbon footprint, but does lack additional
features that the bigger models have.

Coffee Detective says:

The mini is super quiet. Much quieter than the other Keurig brewers. Not
sure how I would measure the noise of the B40. Not crazy noisy, but noisy
enough that you notice.

AyyeKiddo says:

Okay um i am planning on buying the mini-plus for my mom but i read reviews
on the keurig site about it. Few were them complaining about it leaks and
stuff. Is this true? I’d really like to know ahead of time thanks.

tanjentsdotcom says:

The Mini was not created to save counter space. Keurig had customers that
were toting their brewers on vacation and to vacation homes. There is a
travel bag available for purchase for the die-hards. Dorms were also
considered while designing the smaller model.

Ryan Stefanowicz says:

ok cause i make my cup when others a still sleeping and i know that she
wont be to happy if she hears that in the other rom. thanks i think ill
probably get the mini

Coffee Detective says:

sigfrid, hi. No, the Keurig isn’t an espresso maker, so it can’t make
espresso – which is the base for drinks like cappuccinos, lattes etc. It’s
just a coffee maker – and a good one. Nick

arabianleopard says:

thaaaaaaaaaaaanx 5/5 .. i would keep it in my room lol!

TheKweenpinky says:

thankx was helpful looking to buy one and I tink the mini is right for me

NejiFireFlame says:

how many cups can you make with one k cup

juxtn says:

Very well done, your comparison was very informative and highlighted all
the points i was wondering about. It is just sad the mini B30 is now being
replaced with the B31, you unit looks perfect for what i wanted. The new
mini B31 plus I don’t like the shape or the size of.

Condorsat10 says:

Does this unit come with single cup coffee adapter/filter? In other words,
can you brew your own coffee? Or do you have to buy the adapter separately.

Johanne Tanguay says:

It’s a very pretty machine….for very single people…;-)) or for people
very fussy on hotel room coffee… like you..;-))

Sarah Berrien says:

love this vid! thank you!

meshelda says:

Do u have to pug it up

Jayson Morin says:

I have a keurig mini plus and love it , I drink this when i’m not drinking
fresh made juices lol.

Cameron Duquette says:

yah just got one 4 xmas, its awsome! i like the coffee it makes but i make
the green mountain hot coco alot more.

mattmax11 says:

is the b30 the only one with the sensors

Ryan Stefanowicz says:

hey is the mini any louder then the b40? and how load actually is the b40?
like is it louder then someone talking normal? thanks

shexyshark says:

I got one of these for Christmas and something not mentioned in this video
is that the place where you put the cup slides out for larger cups/cleaning
any coffee that drips But I love mine so much!

Kappucino Kiss says:

does it leak?

sandlegirl81 says:

I just bought one of these used and found your video. Thanks for the
demonstration! I love it! Its perfect for my apartment when I only need to
make one cup.

Bryan198026 says:

I love your accent! LOL. Seriously though I think this may be the model my
wife and I received from my mom as a late wedding/early Christmas present.
I’m blind so I can’t actually see the model you used but it behaves and
indeed sounds exactly like the one we have. And it’s especially perfect in
a household where one of us doesn’t like coffee, that being me. So Maria
can make her morning coffee and I can have cocoa or tea. And best of all
it’s extremely easy to use. And no standing water.

tanjentsdotcom says:

With the mini brewers: Do not use refrigerated water. If it is too cold,
the heating element assumes the brewer is in a frozen state and will not

Kenneth M. Sullivan says:

I remember my mom’s former office had B3000SE Keurig Brewing System, it was
so neat to use, with the K-Cup ejector. A few minutes ago I was trying to
remember who made the system, and then I stumbled upon this video and the
loading system made me remember as well as the name. Thanks for the

bikr0 says:

I enjoyed your demo. I bought a B30 at a yard sale and it’s in excellent
shape. Is there a way to save money by making your own coffee pods?

daved1974 says:

god bless the man that created this beautiful machine, we just got one for
xmas, fantastic and awesome coffee

Coffee Detective says:

Only the Breville K-Cup brewer comes with the My K-Cup reusable coffee
filter included. For the B30, B40, B60 and B70 you will need to buy it

rob kuhnke says:

Do you have to use those little coffee containers. Can’t you use regular

nikahatt says:

@bikr0 you can buy a keurig reusable k-cup 🙂

chris mcallister says:

Way too slow.. But tasty:)

Abel Castillo says:

And there so many ppl asking if you can only use the k cups , no you can
use your preferred coffee from a bag with the reusable k cup , is like a
mesh filter small k cup you fill up with the coffee of your choice then put
it in the k cup hole

T3chnicolor says:

Very informative, thanks!

RetartedBrosBrawl says:

Got one for xmas as well, I COMPLETELY LOVE IT!!! i also drink the english
breakfast tea a lot. 😀

Coffee Detective says:

@AyyeKiddo I have a Keurig Mini and have used it quite a lot, without any
problems. I’m afraid I can’t speak for others. It has worked fine for me.

Omi says:

I have a question, can the keurigs make capuccinos, lattes, esspresos etc?
cuz for all those pressure is needed, also in capuccino, lattes and some
chocolates milk is needed.

Abel Castillo says:

Thanks for the review sir, this helped me a lot in making the buying

LaurenJustinKisa says:

lame, I’d rather have the water in there ready for me

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