12 volt coffee maker test

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Matthew55904 says:

it is not a good idea to use a bigger fuse than what is recommended even in
a car that is a fire hazard

zx8401ztv says:

Looks like its a wattage problem, look at the one in home in comparison to
the 12v one, ill be supprised if its a third of the wattage. Needs two
elements cramming in ha ha Booooom!!

mjmcomputers says:

Gonna have to use propane. I prefer a percolator. Think of it this way, you
wouldn’t try to boil water with an electric stove while camping would you?

Ben's Collection and Sundry says:

Just gotta wake up earily before the rooster crows and start it up..

Mark Holbrook says:

I think it would be much faster in a running vehicle, 14+ volts vs 12- ,
since according to ohms law, at 12v, and assuming .8 ohms you would get 180
watts, but at 14.7 volts you would get 270 watts.

QuickDraw McGraw says:

what obout a purkulater i think some useelktrick or overa heat sorce

rpeek says:

Oh I’ve got a couple of them too..

doberfag says:

boil water use French press for camping.no pot to deal with except the one
ya boil on campfire or stove. afterall it is camping

Ram Francisuk says:

People have seen camping, seem to prefer those – gives you a few more

MrComaToes says:

An HOUR? No, that would never do… In the end I wonder iffn one of those
old porsellan cowboy percolators wouldn’t be just spiffy over a small
propane burner… but I guess you’ll find some way or the other to brew
yourself a cuppa joe while camping!

Talisman1957 says:

The little coffee pot in the Motel works just fine 😀

Trish Peek says:

been there…. done that!!! hated trying to clean the coffee grounds out of
the basket!!

jbmbanter says:

How about instant with hot water from the stove while you wait? LOL! I
already know that you brewed coffee people ain’t having it. 🙂

dejanira2 says:

Do a search on Power Hunt – 12 Volt 10 Cup Coffee Maker – PNP-303A. very
expensive but sounds like it might be what you want.

scottsinfl says:

I use one that you boil the water on the burner then pour it threw a
strainer with the coffee in it. It worked so good that we use it at home
instead of a elect. maker it take’s as long as it take’s to boil a pot of
water. And the taste is so much better than any maker i have ever used you
have to try it you will never go back i swear

Michael McCoy says:

Couple years back a trucker near Asheville NC had some kind of 12 volt
coffee maker. He cut it on dozed off and it burned him and the truck up.

shartne says:

you could pull the pot out and just pour a cup after 15 min. most coffee
makers are designed to cut off the water flow to the pot so you can pull
them out and pour. then set it back on the burner and its starts flowing

Ram Francisuk says:

I think you would be better off with a small petrol generator – so many
other uses in and around the house etc

John Greer says:

just get a coffee pot to put on the fire and make a gallon that way

rpeek says:

I’ve got a chunk of Kryptonite around here somewhere I can power that baby

Trevor Marty says:

What about just boiling water on the stove and using a French Press? That’s
how I do it everyday and it doesn’t take all that long.

rpeek says:

I already have one.

Danny Mark says:

I agree about the French Press Coffee maker. My son and I were trying to
figure out a way to make coffee at home and use the same process when
camping and even on the road in our F-250 super cab. After some research we
discovered the french press. We kept seeing them for $30 or more and then
were in Wal Mart and seen it for $19. We got it and took it home and made a
pot. Well from the first pot and every pot after are exact in taste. It is
so easy I let my son make the coffee now.

Garnett M. says:

And really cold coffee by the time you pour it , I used the one on my
transport it has 4 batteries made for any 12 V current needed still took 25
Min it had no Caraffe pot either just a wide mouth pot Bad system .

thisoldguy64 says:

think you need to look into a converter, 12 volts to 120 volts with one
that would run your coffee maker.

Lorne F says:

Get a Melita Cone and filter. Boil water on your propane stove….a pot of
coffee in 5 minutes.

mnatoz says:

i have a propane coffee maker from coleman it works really good, and faster

akasa231 says:

any quicker with the motor running? 😉

rpeek says:

Okay then! The boss has spoken.. hahahaha. Bottom line is.. If Honey Babe
wants coffee from a coffee maker…. Honey Babe gets coffee from a coffee
maker. nuff’ said. hahahaha

Joshua Peek says:

OK next step, build a nuclear reactor to power the coffee maker… not a
big one mind you. 🙂 That should take a day or two.

jacktheripped says:

That needs to be tried out, too. I got a 9 cup percolater camping style. It
takes a long time to brew even over a propane stove. I’ve just got to where
I take my old Mirro drip coffee maker except to slow things down a bit I
use a small coffee filter. Boil the water, pour it in the top. Filters
through once and it’s ready. 4-5 times faster than the percolator.

Cocoa Cabana says:

an hour is too long , for a big cup of joe

C. K. Mecham says:

Guess I won’t be getting one for my truck.

MetroplexPrime2009 says:

look around at yard sales and find you a big 30 cup perkolater after your
done making coffie you can use it to heat up watter for washing dishes and
cleaning up the camper

old64goat says:

Get an old fashund stove top coffee pot, you know the ones like your mom &
dad used, makes coffee quick and don’t run your battery down.

bc65925 says:

Yea, what he said or a Vacuum Brewer. The work real nice in a camper if you
have a stove or on a coleman stove.

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