10 Tips for Making Better French Press Coffee

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Shop French Press – http://goo.gl/E3FoJp

Article at FrenchPressCoffee.com: https://www.frenchpresscoffee.com/pages/10-tips-french-press-coffee

Would you like to make better French Press Coffee every time? Well just follow these simple 10 Tips for Making Better French Press Coffee.

Gear we use:
* French Press – http://goo.gl/E3FoJp

About: French Press has been around for centuries. French Press is a Coffee Press as well but – It relies on a coffee immersion.

How to make a French Press Coffee at Home – https://youtu.be/w3A_Z1J78HY

How to clean a French Press Coffee Maker – https://youtu.be/nyKTStFSNFQ

Aeropress vs French Press – https://youtu.be/YGjjcSwX3JM

How to Make Perfect Tea with French Press -https://youtu.be/S9mGAqfGUNs

* COFFEE GEAR – https://goo.gl/tAqGzc



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Shawn Roberts says:

That sign in the background is fantastic.

Victor Valdez says:

Thanks for the tip.

Toby P. says:

Tip#7 is unnecessary and stupid

Jane says:

I gave up using the French Press because I got tired of coffee grounds in the finished coffee.

Meep Changeling says:

I brew for exactly zero seconds by putting the grounds in with the water as I heat it on the stove. This maily works because my apartment i close to the boiler and my appartment building uses hot water radiators for heating, so my hot water cums out of the tap at 180F. The three minutes it takes to heat the water from there to near-ly boiling is in the right time and temp range to brew coffie.

Cotillard NN says:

Too complicated

Mr Meener says:

can you heat the glass pot on a stove

Haus of Thug Life says:

This guy’s pronunciation of important was very “impordant” to me 1:31

Mark says:

Oh no. Bad tip……Reverse osmosis is actually the best water to use. Excessive minerals only distort/mask the true flavour. RO water makes everything taste better

You F'coffee says:

Don’t put your coffee granules down the sink use them as fertiliser in your garden or house plants; it can also be used as an exfoliate with coconut oil instead of these commercial micro plastic bead exfoliates, which are destroying our oceans.

OoMASEoO says:

My Starbucks bag of coffee says to use within 7 days of opening, that's impossible! I think they just want to sell more.

royalbookshopper says:

Impordent? Is that a new word?

Ingrid Walker says:

I use RO water for everything in my kitchen. But I replenish the minerals w/ a dash of unprocessed Real Salt by Redmond.

Mike Montemurro says:

You sir are a giant douche. Good day.

Belle Love says:

Great video. I found this video on how to brew for best results. I also learned that coffee consumption for men can help fight Erectile Dysfunction too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loFyE3qKqDE

Michael Martin says:

You know I like good coffee but I don't have lots of money. So my $10 blade grinder and my $5 pour over funnel. $10 dollar standard tea kettle. No scales. Coffee taste amazing better then drip. I'm not trolling I'm just saying if you don't have a lot of money you can still get great coffee. I can't pay 30 bucks for a goose neck kettle or scales or a burr grinder French presses can get over the top as well. A chemex is a ridiculous cost.

Jackson Carlo Ollero says:

Tip number 1: use the most consistent measurement system. don't use oz, ozes or ozeses that will get you guessing wheter it's by weight or by volume.

Great American Survival says:

Why do you only have one side burn?

a. R. a. says:

Putting grounds down the sink drain or flushing them down the toilet is never a good idea. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Pankaj Ahuja says:

7 grams to 4 ounces what the fuck stick to imperial or metric

Walkertongdee says:

Better with every brew how does that work eventually it cant get any better, makes no sense.

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