Wonderchef Regenta Espresso Coffee Machine (19-bar) | Cafe like Espresso, Cappuccino & Latte at Home

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Regenta 19-bar Coffee Maker is a powerful espresso machine which extracts essential oils from coffee powder to give you a rich aromatic coffee every time. Have the espresso straight up or make fascinating cappuccinos and lattes using the steamer.

The 19-bar pressure pump ensures precise and consistent extraction of coffee flavours, producing rich, crema-topped espresso shots for the perfect coffee indulgence.

Die-cast aluminium alloy boiler, porta filter, steam frother, stainless steel body and transparent water tank provide for a great performance and look stunning in the kitchen or at a coffee station!

Traditional Style Analog Dial gives that classic touch and helps you maintain optimum temperature for the perfect brewed coffee.

The green light and the temperature dial indicate the right timing to extract your coffee and to steam your cappuccino. Keep-warm plate at the top keeps your cups warm.

Achieve smooth and consistent coffee with the metal porta filter, designed for fine-grind coffee powder, ensuring a great experience for the coffee connoisseur in you!

Explore it here: https://www.wonderchef.com/collections/coffee-machine/products/regenta-espresso-coffee-maker-19-bar-ideal-for-espresso-cappuccino-latte-macchiato-or-ristretto-at-home-with-steamer-spout-for-cappuccino-latte-2-years-warranty-steel


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