Miele Coffee Maker | Hands On Brewing Demo

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Owning a Miele coffee maker is a lot of fun but do you know all of its unique brewing capabilities? In this video, we will give you an overview of the unique Miele brewing process (temperature controls, brew-time, strength and more) so you can make the best barista-quality espresso drink.

Miele coffee makers are automatic and have a built-in grinder. Each drink is prepared fresh and up to your specification – how strong, how hot, how coarse or fine the grind, how long is the ideal brew-time and many other parameters can be set up for your taste. You can even save them under your profile. Therefore, Miele prefers to call this appliance a coffee system rather than a coffee maker or espresso machine.

This Miele espresso machine is capable of making many popular specialty drinks with just one touch. You can choose from espresso, regular coffee, long coffee, cappuccino, cafe latte, latte macchiato. There is also a hot water spout that dispenses hot water with a maximum of about 180 degrees. The results speak for themselves, and each drink is perfectly brewed every time.

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