Drip coffee maker without plastic water reservoir – sound demo

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This video will give you a quick demo to hear what this coffee maker sounds like when it is brewing. If you want to see a full demonstration of how to use this coffee machine, you can watch it here https://youtu.be/YkMk4li0eKA
Featured in this video:

– Coffee maker: https://amzn.to/2NSxIFE

Why non-toxic?

While dogs can’t have coffee, it is important to have appliances such as non-toxic coffee makers to avoid chemicals released into your home environment while they are in use.

Coffee makers can be a source of chemical exposure to things such as Teflon, BPA and flame retardants (BRF’s).

As a reminder, birds have died from Teflon exposure and people have felt “flu” like symptoms.

Learn more. about this coffeemaker https://www.happytrailsandwagntails.com/automatic-non-toxic-coffee-maker/

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