Review Baratza 270Wi Coffee Grinder at SCA Expo 2018

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Review of the Baratza Sette 270 Wi coffee grinder from the 2018 Specialty Coffee Expo. Marc from Whole Latte Love gets the details on the new Sette 270 Wi from Kyle Anderson of Baratza. With new predictive technology and an Acaia load cell, the 270 Wi does automatic weight based grinding with +/- .2g accuracy and near zero grind retention.


Buysome Bitcoin says:

I am happy to see this machine accommodate a (triple dose) bottomless portafilter, others don’t. What we didn’t see is, when that portafilter gets filled with 18 grams, when you tamp it, how far down does it go? I actually need around 21-22g for that size and have to use a funnel.

Gustavo Sanchez says:

Wait so the 270 can now do drip? The one I have and all 270 versions can't go coarse enough for chemex.

Anthony Kaiser says:

OK, when do you expect to start selling the 270wi? I was looking at the 270 and the 270w, but the 270w issues made waiting for the 270wi seem like a good idea.

Neur0bit says:

IDK. Just returned a 270w last month. It was horrendous. Not only it was very temperamental (sometimes it would stop TWO whole grams short), but it was very messy, constantly dumping grounds all over the counter. Needless to say, returned it after two weeks and got a Ceado E6P. Best decision ever.

PicturePathetic says:

Sorry but the guy didn't sell it very well, the accuracy is not worth the premium it will have for a gimmicky feature like that. Also partnering with Acaia means premium just for the name.

Markus Stampfli says:

Mark, so will the 270wi be a replacement to the 270w? Or will there be now 3 versions of the 270 line?

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