My Vintage Coffee Grinder and Other Gifts

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Natasha S. says:

What a beautiful grinder! I've missed listening to you guys recently, it's nice to get to catch up hopefully over the next few days.

Holly El Fenniche says:

Thank you for inviting us to share in your journey. Very cool gift from your father…priceless.

Michelle Cockrum says:

Love your video's and your knowledge. I switched from wearing my playtex 18 hr bra to wearing a tshirt type bra and my breast pain has went completely away. Going through the change. I wanna thank you so much….

JM at The Nuthouse says:

Love the old grinders and handmade gifts. I couldn't tell the difference between the crochet and knit. Lol

Lisa Booker says:

Thank you for sharing something so near and dear to your heart. It is a beautiful grinder that’s made all the more special being a gift from your dad. A beautiful gift for an even more beautiful person!
Love, hugs and blessings ~ The Kid!

Beth Aspell says:

We appreciate you as well. Another great one. So blessed you share all with us. Love the history

Amy Stiles says:

Hi Heidi! I am a newish subscriber to your channel who also lives in Western Washington state. I just love this video on your coffee grinders. It made me giggle a little knowing that you have solar, but also in case of emergency you have two grinders LOL I think only people from Western Washington will get this 🙂 keep up all the great work I just love your channel.

Edie Boudreau says:

What a wonderful memory & video note of appreciation. Always a pleasure, Heidi to visit with you & Mr. Rain. Atb

Lorie Habel says:

That is wonderful Heidi. I had my grandmother and unfortunately thats one of the many things lost.

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