IHHS 2016 | *New DeLonghi Digital Coffee Grinder | Expresso Machine | Latte Art | Home Show

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SmartReview.com attended the International Home + Housewares Show (IHHS 2016) in Chicago, IL to see the latest in home appliances. DeLonghi has introduced a new digital coffee grinder that allows you to choose not only how fine the grinding will be, but also how many cups of coffee. Attachments allow you to fill a container that fits right into the DeLonghi Expresso Machine. Also we get a lesson on Latte Art.

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Goen Tio says:

thanks for the information

asof ansar says:

I bought this grinder. This is not a consistence grinder, it's getting clog up by every grind cycle.

Ihab Ahmed says:

I have just purchased a KG79 coffee mill today and i am hesitated
to start using it,from reading user reviews i can see they are
having problems with constancy and fines of the grinned coffee.
i purchased it for making espresso.
i am hesitated to start using it as i may turn it back to the shop

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