Hario Coffee Grinder vs Crushgrind Brazil – Manual Burr Coffee Grinders Overview and Comparison

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What Is The Best Manual Burr Grinder For French Press or Espresso? Side by side Review and Comparison: Hario Coffee Grinder vs Crushgrind Brazil.

Brazil Manual Burr Coffee Grinder – https://www.frenchpresscoffee.com/products/crushgrind-coffee-grinder

Hario Coffee Grinder – https://www.frenchpresscoffee.com/products/hario-skerton-ceramic-coffee-grinder

Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder Instructions: https://youtu.be/zyCHdG25JFU

Easy to use and reinforced with durable, ceramic blades to give you always consistent grind of coffee, the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton has been specially designed by the Japanese Hario company to provide coffee enthusiasts with a convenient and affordable method of enjoying the rich taste of freshly ground coffee.

ABOUT Brazil Coffee Grinder by CrushGrind®:
For over 20 years, CrushGrind® manufactured high quality salt, pepper, and spice mills using ceramic parts and Danish engineering. In 2012, they began to consider taking their quality workmanship and applying what they had learned about grinding spices to the world of coffee grinding. They created a manual burr coffee grinder that is simple to use, easy to clean, efficient, and yields consistent coffee grounds every time it is used.

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midnightscarlett says:

Hey, been trawling the internet for a grinder that can grind coffee to turkish level 'fineness'. I was about to purchase the Zassenhaus havanna (brass) hand grinder before coming across your channel. How does the CrushGrind grinder compare with the Zassenhaus one? They both retail at the same price i.e. expensive but if they do the trick then what the hell! The important thing for me is to be able to achieve that powdery consistency while retaining good tasting, good quality coffee. Also, is it at all possible to make turkish coffee with the hario? Is it that it just takes a lot longer?
Hope you can help!

William Pichardo says:

Alll you need is the mini mill slim and a drill.

Andy Web says:


janet says:

Thank you for reviewing this product. I have a Hario grinder, but it takes so long in the morning to grind my beans I often have to skip making it myself in the morning. It's nice to know there's a better (IMO) and faster way to do it. I love that the Brazil remains stationary so that it requires less effort. I would prefer a glass canister over plastic though, especially with a product that's almost twice as much.

Seth says:

Believe me Its Best!

Mikael Kian Hansen says:

It's a bit unfair to compare the Crushgrind with the old Hario. The new Hario Skerton Pro has a much more stable grind mechanism. Which especially effects grinds for french press coffe. But maybe it came out after this review.

Dennis Gaffney says:

I need a more durable grinder

Dennis Gaffney says:

I had two Hario grinders the ceramic burr gets dull then if you continue to try to grind you strip the stem fitting.

gueyvr says:

Can you compare the Hario Skerton Pro vs the Handground?

echt114 says:

Interesting that he liked the CrushGrind so well because I've been concerned with negatives on Amazon. A couple of people had the bottom cup become loose after 2-3 months. The reason was that the lower end of the grinder cracked which allowed the cup to loosen. Also, they say the grind is very good on fine settings for espresso but not for coarser grinds like for drip where it becomes inconsistent.

XTC S says:

Thanks for the review!

Scott D says:

Crushgrind Brazil hand grinder looks promising. I am looking forward to getting my hands on one. I have used so many different hand grinders and this one looks to be very , easy to use with the base and grinds very efficient. But most importantly the grinds look quite consistent. I've owned various compact grinders and none of them provided me with the kind of consistency I hoped. I'm hopeful this grinder has the best balance between size and consistency. My previous go-to hand grinder has been the Lido 2, but its poor ergonomics makes it a real pain to use.

I would have liked to see how easily this grinder performs without the base, though, since you don't take the base with you when traveling.

JK 241 says:

what is the best and most solid electric?

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