Epic Pistol Trick Shot – 9mm Coffee Grinder (58,000fps Slow-mo footage)

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Shooter: Jared Clawson IG:@t1cs

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See more of BRCC at the range here: https://youtu.be/f782hMNuob4

More slow-mo here: https://youtu.be/rY4096GDHOo


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Trevorkian says:

bring the FT's back please

Bill Johnson says:

Damn, that was too cool!

Rocky Top Relics says:

Ive never wanted a cup of coffee so bad! Great shooting!

dan wald says:

Sick shots thanks Black rifle coffee.

Chris Leybold says:

Should have used hippsterbucks coffee. About all its good for.
Nice shooting.

Kurt Andrews says:

Impressive! I'm not sure if I'm buying the coffee drop shots though… 😀

Steven Mercado says:

Coffee, Guns, and Freedom. Awesome shooting!

Jim Finigan says:

How many hours did you have to practice in order to make these shots?

Gary Miller says:

Colino coffee running their competitor adds in front of a BRC video?

Brent Thompson says:

Should have been that Starbuck Muppet coffee!!!!!

demogorilla says:

Black coffee matters!!!

Jeffrey Tolliver says:

Wow…unbelievable. I'm lucky (especially on my first shot) if I don't shoot several inches low left, even from 3 yards. So, that kind of shooting–to me–is mind boggling.

Mike Walworth says:

That's some dang good shooting.

Farmer James says:

Fucking Sick.

I love it.

Scoot Carlisle says:

Coffee abuse!!!. but as long as their is enough left.

Kyle Dunn says:

I love the smell of coffee in the morning. Especially after being brewed and shot at with 9mm fmjs out of a customized glock pistol. Hot damn that's some damn fine shooting at some damn fine coffee.

Tbac says:

should of shot up that hipster coffee crap.

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