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The Baratza Sette 270 is a fast grinder. Like really fast. But we wanted to have a bench mark of just how fast it is, so we put it to the test! Do you have an experiment you would like to see us do in the Latte Lab? Share it with us in the comments!

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Mark Steven says:

why don't you compare noise level of the grinders to see how obnoxiously loud the sette grinder is, but we wouldn't want that to get out ; or would we?

nab 6215 says:

Amazing results. Besides that, I'd never believe I'd voluntarily listen to over 2 minutes of coffee grinding.

Kelvin Wong says:

I thought that you should not grind more than 1 minute on the preciso to prevent burn out?

Edgar Anolin says:

Love the videos, new subscriber here! How about testing some coffee stain removal methods?

Sevenu Jane says:

next time try adjust the grind size to be roughly the same and include the Mazzer Mini. Feel like that's more appropriate

German+54 says:

Hi, I just get my first espresso machine (Saeco Poemia with a pressurized portafilter) and need an affordable grinder to start brewing coffee! So, what would work best, an 180W electric blade grinder vs. a burr manual grinder? Or if those are just waisting money πŸ™ Thanks!

Orrin Belcher says:

Super cool test & video.

Matt Gosselin says:

for another latte laboratory challenge, I think it would be interesting to see which would make better latte art on a Breville Oracle: steaming manually (mainly because I've never seen anyone froth manually on an Oracle), or letting the machine auto-froth its own microfoam, and pouring it as-is

Daniel Arndt says:

what do you do with the grounds?

Josh Patrick says:

Get the lab coat dirty with an espresso maker challenge whereby you take your coffee maker camping and suggest the best camping coffee gear at the fire.

Steven Kagler says:

Do you think the Sette is course enough for something like the Toddy?

Mo Mapes says:

You need a dribble cup with coffee in it so it gets your lab coat stained! HA

Carlos Reyes says:

great videom, thanks

Jakeishness says:

Just for laughs I just thought of a weird thing to try but might be something interesting to show people, cause I've never really seen anyone do it. But i put a shot of espresso into my milk pitcher, filled the rest of it to enough milk for an average 7oz mug, and steamed it. It seems to have made the "latte" a lot lighter in flavor. not so much espresso flavor in it but might be a good idea for someone who isn't a strong coffee drinker?? ionno maybe you'd like to give it a go! Still one of my favorite coffee channels! keep it up! πŸ˜€

Jakeishness says:

omg the preciso took so long! haha

helpfulnatural says:

Now you have to have a cold brew party to use up all that ground coffee, providing it's coarse ground, of course! That is a lot of beans!

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

I most definitely think that the Virtuoso is not designed to grind 226g in one go. I think you can only run it for max 1 min then you have to cool it down for at least 5-10min or so before grinding again.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

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1timby says:

Gale you know that you always have issues with the Aeropress experimentations. Surely that would get you some coffee stains…LOL

A quick question. I read that heat is bad for ground coffee. So do these longer grind times really make much difference. In this case one was a minute longer.


Austin Newsam says:

OMG I'm so ready to get my hands on a Sette!

UltiMogr says:

its se`tte not sette` because its an italian word. not french

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