Blender vs Coffee Grinder for Grinding Flax Seeds

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TraceguyRune says:

So many perverts in the comments

1234 says:

I've been my using my blender, but I don't like the mess. Also I have to really clean the blender cause it sticks. I would rather just get a cheap grinder dedicated to flax seeds so I don't contaminate all my other shit I put in the blender. Thanks for the vid!


it worked. I just tried it. Thanks for sharing.

Miriam Erez says:

This was helpful! Thank you for this, CJ!

Dale H. says:

Answered my question. Thanks for sharing. I am wondering about clean up between the two, seems like the blender would be a much bigger deal to clean up.

Em Mc says:

Thanks for posting! Answered my question. I'll use my blender. 🙂

Kerrville TX says:

dont overfill it

Lexi Shannon says:

I grind them in blender with my smoothie ingredients- juice, spinach, blueberries etc, they grind up great with all the liguid keeping them from flying around the blender. In a smoothie is also a " painless" way to ingest the ground flax too as it basically is like eating sawdust.

brianboru62 says:

Excellent,I invested in a seed mill grinder and ive searched the house top to bottom ….sooo im going to have a go using your blender trick so i can get full benefits with Kefir milk.
I aint lookin forward to the kefir sourness but if them ground flaxseeds do the buisness and give my gut a good flush then thatll do me.

momof2 says:

I just got home from buying a bag of flaxseed from Dollar Tree tonight 🙂 Thank you for the video !

ConstellationX1 says:

damn girl, sweet sweet titties. keep eating them flax seeds!

Svetlana fenin says:

thank you so much!

Jacqueline Christensen says:

Coffee grinder's broken, so I'll give the blender a try. Flaxseeds also contain arsenic. This can be destroyed by heat. I grind a fairly large quantity at a time, put in oven at about 150C for approximately an hour, then place in jars, freeze, and use as needed.

brenda brown says:

That was a good video I have a old blender and a magic bullet that i had for over a year and the bullet is starting to lock up on me and not work so i am glad i can use my other cheap blender to grind up flax seeds. Thanks again

Deb 29 says:

Thanks for sharing I was wondering the same thing I got a bag of whole flax seed at the dollar tree and didn't know how I wad going to grind them glad I have  blender :]

1maz11 says:

I just did it without a coffee grinder too! Great video, thanks!

Linda Glover says:

Answered my question…THANKS!

retta1960 says:

Saved me some money thanks!!! 🙂 The ground flax seed in a bag at walmart is close to $6.00 a bag, and the bag is not all that big. So, I'll buy them whole and see what happens from there. Thanks again!!!

Sharah Yasharahla says:

i am happy that i can use my blender for this, thanks Sis.

Gaius Gracchus says:

I am surprised the blender works as well as the coffee grinder or a spice grinder – seems like it would not be as fine.

elishevagasner says:

great video! now i dont need to buy a coffee grinder!

Andrea Starr says:

Love this! Thanks for saving me the time and money!

Natural Beauty says:

Thank you for saving me time and effort finding a grinder!

Sharon Gray says:

Great demo!!

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