In the world of coffee, freshness can be measured in seconds. By the time even five minutes has passed, ground beans have started to lose their flavor. Grinding beans every time you want fresh espresso takes time, though, and oftentimes it becomes a tradeoff between taste and convenience. The Breville Barista Express solves this problem, delivering fresh, quality espresso at remarkable speed, thanks to its integrated burr grinder. Go from beans to espresso in under a minute—all in the comfort of your own home. Café quality espresso in your home Espresso making is notorious for being both an art and [More]
New research shows that a cup of coffee may improve everyday long-term memories. The study, conducted at Johns Hopkins University, asked participants to memorize a list of objects. Afterward, they were given either a placebo or 200 milligrams of caffeine (equivalent to a little more than one cup of coffee). The next day, they were tested again. The group that took caffeine had 10 percent better recall. “The people who took caffeine had a much more detailed recollection of what they saw,” says Michael Yassa, the lead author of the paper. “Caffeine has long been ingested for its cognition-enhancing properties: [More]
Know someone that has a real potty mouth? Why should dogs be the only ones allowed to drink out of the toilet This silly toilet-shaped mug holds up to 12 -ounces of your favorite hot beverage and will make your co-workers do a double take. The hand-painted Toilet Mug makes a great gag gift for any coffee or tea lover and will gross out anyone who has a weak stomach.
Not the mug you would get in place of a World’s greatest dad coffee mug but I’m sure you know somebody who would appreciate this sort of humor. The font joke gives the nerd in me the giggles.
Don’t we all just want a little more sleep? This adorable mug is the perfect coffee mug for that not-so morning person in your life. We’ll take five.
DeLonghi EC860 Espresso Maker with Cappuccino Feature – DeLonghi EC860 Espresso Maker with Cappuccino Feature is a die-cast hardbody, and it’s standing by to serve your espresso and cappuccino needs…
Learn the easy basics of coffee selection, storing, grinding, brewing, and sipping in this helpful video from Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee
A perfect day is jumpstarted by the perfect cup of coffee at home. This requires the process to be better for all coffee lovers. In seven steps, anyone can prepare delicious cup of coffee in his kitchen at home. Use a clean coffee maker. In addition to selecting a manufacturer of high quality, a good cup of coffee comes from freshly cleaned equipment. Oil accumulates in your coffeemaker and this can cause the rancid flavor of coffee. Clean your coffee maker with a mixture of vinegar and cold water every 60 brew cycles for cleanliness. The mixture should begin in [More]
Keurig K-Cups are some of the most popular prepackaged single serving coffees today. My online  research has uncovered k-cup prices between 47 and 65 cents per cup.  You are fond of a cup of coffee? If you have coffee, one cup Pod and Keurig K-cup machine, you know, the maintenance that comes with coffee is not usually as easy as a trip to the grocery store. If you seeks to find out where you can buy coffee pods or K-cups, you’ve come to the right place! See the list below, complete with current prices, so you can compare precios. K-cups [More]