Hot to make hot coffee with no power using your BUNN coffeemaker

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So, with a crack of thunder (or the bang of an overloaded transformer), the power to your home has just gone out. If one of the first thoughts that races through your mind is “I wish I had brewed that pot of coffee before this happened”, and you happen to be the proud owner and regular user of a traditional BUNN “home” brewer… then relax, you can still have your fresh cup of java.

These units begin brewing as soon as cold water is poured into the reservoir at the top of the machine, and deliver a fresh pot of piping hot coffee in three to four minutes. These BUNN home brewers are able to do this because they maintain a tank full of water heated to brewing temperature, ready to “go” whenever you are.

So, despite the power being now out, that tank of hot water is still there ready to work for you. But, if you have company over, and they are not familiar with the workings of the BUNN brewer, enjoy yourself a bit more. Ask if anyone else wants a cup of coffee, and wait for the reactions to come across, with that certain one person who will surely remind you that the power is out.

At this point, if it is daylight and your coffee brewer and preparation area is well lit, then make a pot of coffee just as you normally would. If it is nighttime, then grab a flashlight first. If you brew into a glass decanter, then once the brew cycle is complete, you may wish to transfer your coffee into a thermally insulated device (or two or three). If your brewer is equipped with a thermal carafe, then of course you are already good to go. Now, with a bit of luck, shortly after you have savored the last sip of your fresh home brew, the power will be back on. However, regardless, you will now be personally better energized to get on with whatever the day (or night) now holds ahead for you.


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