BUNN® Speed Brew™ Brewer Packaging Video

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Bright and Fresh Design Earns Award

The task was simple but daunting: come up with a packaging design for a new brewer that would be eye catching and informative, all while being unique to the brand.

The BUNN® Marketing Communications Team answered and exceeded this task. The packaging design of the Speed Brew™ was named a winner in the 2015 American Package Design Awards.

The 2015 American Package Design Awards, sponsored by Graphic Design USA, celebrates well-designed graphics and the power of design to advance brand promise and forge an emotional connection with buyers. There were 2,000 entries and the Speed Brew packaging was among the top 20% selected for recognition.

According to Nichole DuPont, Creative Manager for Marketing Communications at BUNN, the packaging look reflects the brewer’s streamlined technology with attention grabbing color and crisp imagery.

This color was chosen for a few of reasons 1) to stand out in comparison with previous BUNN packaging designs, 2)draw the consumer’s eye as they stroll down the aisle and, 3) it reminded DuPont of her happy place, a beach view of a palm tree silhouetted by the beautiful aquamarine sky, hence the name Sky Palm Teal. A new emphasis on photography for the box was decided as a way to connect with a younger demographic.

“We wanted to interrupt people’s schema, BUNN is traditionally red,” DuPont said. She also noted that coffee product packaging is commonly produced in browns, neutral tones, whites, and blacks, thus teal would stand out more in the coffeemaker section of the store.

With imagery becoming a lead method of communication in today’s society as Instagram and Facebook have shown, DuPont and the team believed a stark eye catching shot of the brewer coupled with an emotionally appealing lifestyle shot would be a way for the packaging to stand apart on the shelf.

“We worked with a photographer out of Chicago to produce the striking ‘hero shot’ of the brewer on the front,” DuPont said. The lifestyle image on the back was done in-house and chosen so to represent one of life’s simple yet great moments.

DuPont elaborated on the design by noting that no matter how the box is stocked on a shelf, there will be an attention-grabbing image directed towards the consumer.

The side of the box features the tag line “Don’t Wait for Happy” conveying the main feature of Speed Brew, that it allows you to get to your happy place faster due to the quick four-minute brew time. The opposite side of the box features 10 illustrated coffee cups, denoting Speed Brew’s ability to produce up to 10 cups of coffee per brew.

The Speed Brew is available to purchase on bunn.com , and will be soon available in select stores.


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