Bunn G2 HD Coffee Grinder Repair Capacitor Replacement

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Bunn G2 HD grinders are some of the most common on the market, but most of the older models house the capacitor inside the motor itself making them difficult for us normal people to access and change (you know….so you’ll buy a new $1000 machine). I couldn’t find any walkthroughs online so decided to attempt a workaround myself. After the first one was up and running no problem, I decided to record this one to keep others out of the landfills and save you some money.

Replacement capacitor model numbers:
OEM is BUNN 35906.1001 Motor Capacitor Assembly for 430-516Uf
(These currently run $73 on Amazon)
Aftermarket is any 430-516 uF x 110/125 VAC, I used one by BMI for $11.35 shipped on Amazon “Dayton Grainger 2MDU1 Start Capacitor – BMI Replacement #092A430B125AD2A”


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