Zipwhip Powers World’s First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine

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Zipwhip is a cloud texting company based out of Seattle, Washington. We created this machine to show off the capabilities of our software. We don’t make thes…


Tristan Chambers says:

First world problems

John Wycoff says:

A great app for WiFi only tablets and phones that are used only on wifi.

Zipwhip Lets You Send Text Messages From Your Comp or Tablet (Orders
Espresso Too) [Video]!74t7GD8

Stacy Frazer says:

Tech geekery and coffee collision FTW!!

Rashmin Joshi says:

Prasant Naidu says:

Innovation 🙂 Are you having this in your office?

Alexandros Tsourakis says:
Mike Massie says:

Text powered coffee machine has coffee ready for you when you arrive
complete with your phone number sprayed on the foam to identify which is
yours = Office pleaser

ht +Mike Wiz

Sergio Araki says:


+Karla The Blood

Sibyll Hampton says:

He he, unnecessary but *cool*

Panah Rad says:

*Zipwhip: World’s First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine*

Eric Chung says:

technology + coffee = 100% awesome!

Seth Glaze says:

Creative use of their cloud-texting platform. Now let’s see how long before
we can enjoy ad-subsidized espresso drink.

More details for you engineer-geeks at

Aida Hazlan says:

Whoah. :O

*Textspresso**. It’s a beautiful thing. In order to combine our cloud
texting service with Seattle’s technology and coffee cultures, we created a
machine that sends and receives text messages while simultaneously making a
coffee. You heard right. We’ve got a robotic barista in the house.*

*We are **not in the business of making these machines commercially**. This
is the only machine of its kind and it’ll be living right here in our
Seattle headquarters. We created it to show off the power of our cloud
texting technology. Simply put, our service allows you to send and receive
text messages from your computer using your main mobile number. It’s very
simple…building Textspresso was not*

(Source: Zipwhip

Oleg Rukin says:

Print on coffe

Richard Bolt says:

Using technology to order coffee – cool. Letting your coffee burn on the
warming tray while you drive to work – not cool. 🙂

Luís Vitela says:
Samuel Connelly says:

First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine Brilliant! 

Valente Espinosa says:

Innovación inutil

Emma Mitchell says:

*Zipwhip: World’s First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine*

OpenHacks says:

World’s First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine: Zipwhip Powers World’s First
Text-Enabled Espresso Machine

ビジュアルシンキング says:

Zipwhip Powers World’s First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine

Dean Laing says:

Ignacio Jusué says:

Android rules!!!

Zipwhip Powers World’s First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine

Evgeni Dikerman says:

Double espresso for me. SMS me when you done.

Hadrien Reina says:

This is game changing.

Zipwhip says:

Thanks for the nice comment.

Zipwhip says:

We definitely have plans to do that @theledlight. Check our blog in a
couple weeks. We’re trying to move as fast as we can, but this is very much
a side project for us.

Zipwhip says:

That’s awesome. Way to put yourself out there.

Zipwhip says:

Veeeeeeery funny 🙂 And just for the record, yes it does.

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