Zack compares the Rancilio Silvia & Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

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Join Zack as he answers a common question: What is the difference between the Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia espresso machines? These popular models have…


Enrique Goitia says:

where can i find the latte art wand? i just bought a gaggia classic?

James king says:

Hi I have had the Gaggia Classic for over two years and I love it. All my
friends come to my house for coffee and it has been a great machine 

Felito El Pingu says:

Silvia is over rated. I have a Solis SL-70 for over eight trouble free
years. I like to see that on any Rancilio.

john wheel says:

Currently have the gaggia, but I feel the pressure out of it is too much,
where I have to use, 20 grams of fine grounds to get a decent shot. Is
Silvia coming with a 9 bar out of the box?

gutstringable says:

Also think the Rancilio is over-rated. Just selling mine after 6 months of
use. Gone back to my 10 year old Gaggia Classic. Far superior shots – much
less complicated. Coffee heaven restored! Was told by Gaggia service man
that the old machines are better than the new one’s….for what it is worth.

Chris AH says:

People who don’t want mess all the time. People who want to give guests
crappy decaf on request rather than keep beans for grinding. Not me though.
No siree.

Pat Beretta says:

who on earth buys either of these machines and then uses pods????

jc marín says:

I just got a Classic, but my decision was simply made due to the fact that
I could not find a Silvia for less than 500-600. My brand new Classic only
set me back 340.

wholelattelovetv says:

The Silvia will be 9 bars out of the box.

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