Without Espresso machine how to do prefect *****Espresso****** by yonnie88888

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36g coffee 200ml hot water 30sec Finish is 30ml X 3 Coffee beans after roast the best is 3-15 day, Don’t buy too much just for 1-2 week is better.


Talha Çakar says:

This is Turkish Coffee making style with a foam subtraction process 🙂 and
the result certainly is NOT an Espresso. Regardless, this is one awful way
of coffee making, no offence.

jimy rite says:

and then we have blue snow

Charles Leclerc says:

Guys, just don’t watch it if you don’t like it and stop complaining! Not
everyone speaks fn english in this world you fn morons

Bebercito says:

There’s no way this can be called espresso: espresso is percolation, this
is infusion.

David Warner says:

3:10 Even their spills are artistic! 😀 …Asians

maxbear027 says:


Quintin Hansen says:

I hate it when the title is English but the rest isn’t at least give me a


Recipe is English, This not enough?


I speak Cantonese because i live in Hong Kong,Thanks

powerone1 says:

why the fuck do they have the title in English?

ZeL Fernando says:

Thanks Much! These help a lot.. :DD

PS3OneYo says:

wtf are you saying ??

Tauhid Miltoln says:

বাল হইছে!

jimy rite says:

Οταν η μαλακια γινεται επαγγελμα

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