What is a Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

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See and Buy here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/espresso-machines-and-espresso-makers.cfm?cid=1&scid=2& Join Marc and Morgan as they discuss the features, ca…


Best Coffee Machine says:

Wooww marvelous…now we can make a great coffee with best coffee maker.
very helpful info for me

mspresso myself espresso says:

It’s nice and interesting video and good idea and maybe you can try with

Whole Latte Love says:

Learn about Super Automatic Espresso Machines #videos #espressomachines
#latte #cappuccino 

Cliff Baldridge says:

wholelattelovetv says:

Hi, thanks for joining us! We do not have a video on the Expobar Athena
machine. But you can find a ton of information on this machine on our
website by clicking on the link in the description and using the search bar
to locate the Expobar Athena Espresso Machine.

MakeupDrShari Smith says:

I appreciate you sharing. I am new to making my own espresso and
considering purchasing a machine. This was very helpful.

Mega Petra says:

you forgot the delonghi ec 860 😀

Santa Barbara Arts TV YouTube Partner Global News says:

cool shared

wholelattelovetv says:

It does depend on how much you want to spend. The Gaggia Accademia is a
great all-in-one machine for that price point. Feel free to give one of our
sales reps a call if you’re looking for additional information.
1-888-411-5282 option 1. The PrimaDonna S Deluxe is not available in the

wholelattelovetv says:

lol super-automatic machines really are awesome! Thanks for watching!

wholelattelovetv says:

Glad you found the video helpful! Let us know if you have any questions 🙂

Charlie Chan says:

All the videos about automatic coffee machines,which one do u like the
best?does it depend on how much you want to spend? Is the Delonghi
Primadonna S Deluxe available in the U.S?

TheTriumphTR2 says:

Hi there. I’ve just discovered your channel, and I’m intrigued … do you
have a video featuring the copper colored machine at the back of your set,
on the left, the one with the eagle on top of it? It looks awesome! Many

Hant420 says:

i was thinking of the tassimo and other coffee makers and thought i want to
combine these with the high end essprasso machines and make the most
awesome coffee maker ever but thanks to youtube i found this vid and my
dream of making the most awesome coffee maker has now been crushed thank u
guys lol but really they r way better than my idea 🙂

goofernator says:

awesome info…

Barista Baristas! says:

Learn about Super Automatic Espresso Machines #videos #espressomachines
#latte #cappuccino 

Espresso & Coffee Beans Guide says:

Learn about Super Automatic Espresso Machines #videos #espressomachines
#latte #cappuccino 

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