Have You Tried Nitro Coffee, the Iced Coffee That’s Served Like Beer?

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Have you seen people drinking coffee pulled from a tap this summer? That’s nitro coffee, and it’s currently all the rage.

We’ve already seen how the bubbles-and-coffee combination makes people go crazy with the popularity of espresso tonics, so it’s no surprise that this slightly effervescent cold drink would be a big hit. Nitro coffee uses the same concept behind draft beer, which allows coffee companies to make big batches of cold brew and store them for an extended period of time (while still maintaining freshness).

As the name would have you believe, nitro coffee is cold brew coffee treated with nitrogen (or sometimes carbon dioxide). Traditionally that cold brew is made in a big batch and stored in a keg. The coffee is then served on draught, resulting in a cold coffee with a foamy head — just like you might get with a Guinness.

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