The ROK Espresso Machine…Review Coming Soon!

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Close Song / music video made for this espresso machine :


ArtisanTony says:

Damn you Jeff! ­čÖé I gots to have one of these!´╗┐

ziptrickhead says:

I bought one back when it was called the Presso. PITA to use and get
consistent shots with and dialing in new beans took forever but I learned
more about espresso from tinkering with it than anything else. Now it just
sits on my kitchen counter looking cool.´╗┐

Stu Preston says:

Lol very slick! ´╗┐

MrYoop says:

Whoa Jeff! That was… FUCKING AWESOME! Well done bro. Can’t wait for the
review. An D now I need to get watch the song’s video. ´╗┐

weizenale says:

never had a espresso or latte in my life ­čÖé and i’m 39´╗┐

BuzzFeedGuns says:

You can make an espresso machine with a caulking gun, and some assorted
PVC/parts from the hardware store´╗┐

TruckerJDub says:

Very cool but what happend to the days of sitting back with a big cup of
coffee? I’d rather sit near a camp fire with my camp cup and a percolator
sitting on a hot rock on the edge of the fire.´╗┐

Sharpened Samurai says:

Thats awesome! I want:)´╗┐

pclutch says:

Never do that again ´╗┐

Benjamin Champion says:

that looks cool
first btw´╗┐

ellswtf says:

that is a very interesting coffee machine, love that pump system they put
on it´╗┐

BrewByU says:

Jeff – That was absolutely one of your coolest vids EVER!!´╗┐

Tony, KD8RTT says:

Really liked the production of this video! ´╗┐

farrar229 says:

Not for 200$

Matt B says:

my machine takes up a lot of counter space. i could toss that unit in a
cabinet. may be a good trade off….´╗┐

Chris Thorn says:

video buddy!´╗┐

Donnie Brasco says:

No crema? ´╗┐

photonicinductor says:

that is awesome ´╗┐

emtffzartman . says:

I don’t like coffee or coffee’esk things… But who was that Band!?!?!?!´╗┐

tony bushcraft says:

So we have to wait? That’ll keep me up all night just thinking about how
drinking some this will keep me up all night.´╗┐

india kilo says:

Being korean, I was a bit confused by the title at first. ´╗┐

sal a says:

Cool vid dude. ´╗┐

0_Great_99 says:

More Spyderco reviews´╗┐

ryan ashe says:

small trick for you to get the creamy surface on top of the espresso is to
fill the dispenser to the rim it should give a better smell and taste. cool
machine man love the channel.´╗┐

MIke Kushner says:

Jeff, if you like to include music in your videos but are having issues
with copyright infringement, have you considered composing your own music?
Even if you don’t play an instrument there are programs like Magix Music
Maker in which you can use pre recorded clips of instruments to make your
own original music. It is easy to use and is incredibly fun. It’s a little
pricey but you can usually pick it up on sale for less than $100 and they
will often bundle it with other programs that are also useful for creating
your own music as well as editing and enhancing the sound in your videos.
And if you ever do decide to play an instrument you can connect a digital
piano or synthesizer to your computer and record your own music.

Anyway, I love watching your videos and keep up the good work.´╗┐

MrChainrule says:

Have you tried an Aeropress or Moka Pot? They would both make a pretty good
strong cup of coffee and are more portable than that thing.´╗┐

Michael Sanchez says:

Can you make more coffee videos in the future. Btw great video´╗┐

Nathan Benfield says:

Awesome vid and good music for it! ´╗┐

dutchdragon1 says:

This looks like you made a commercial ­čśŤ Fancy a cup of espresso? :P´╗┐

MakingTheCut . says:

The gadget show (uk) had an episode all on espresso machines one you
controlled with your phone and it cost about £10,000 they had some portable
ones and they interviewed the worlds best barista, you should watch it if
your interested´╗┐

valuewhale says:


Ross Alexander says:

Thanks Jeff want to start my zippo collection with that one´╗┐

Ben Neill says:

hay r u doing a knife salls Soon. interested in buying spyderco tenashis or
resilience and or ambitious or any other cheap spyderco knives´╗┐

KublaVeruca says:

That’s awesome.. I may get one… Been using the Aeropress, and I like
it a great deal,. I think it would be optimal for camping. It’s similar
to a coffee press, but has a short steep time. Easy clean up… But it’s
more of a smooth, strong cup of coffee, then espresso… you should check
it out…´╗┐

Everett Garcia says:

Awesome video I don’t even care for this stuff and thought it was pretty
cool. But be careful when using music, a lot of people are getting videos
removed for music.´╗┐

wattshappenin says:

that looks fantastic! I am looking forward to the review! waiting with
anticipation down under :)´╗┐

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