The Espresso Book Machine

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Overview of the Espresso Book Machine by On Demand Books.


Laston Kirkland says:

Norwescon is fantastic…

I’ve attended a conference on GM food, permaculture and vertical farming…
(bottom line, we got enough food, but we have some real problems with
distribution, and (heh) definitions of what qualifies as food)

Then a poetry reading.

Then a panel called “alien and fantasy biology” with two artists and a
biologist, all enthusiastically discussing how “no how, no way” is that
pegasus going to be able to fly.

Next was “Big Press Small Press” where several people talked about self
publishing pro’s and cons. Like all panels, the participation from the
audience was equally valuable as what’s going on in front.

NOW I want to add an espresso book manufacturer to my tech shop. A seventy
thousand dollar machine that will print a book, ANY book, on demand.

er… if I ever get the money to create my tech shop in the first place.

Doris-Maria Heilmann says:

*Digital Book Printing for Small Editions – While You Wait*

Perfect, if you just need a handful of books to sign and send them as

EBM @ OKC says:

See how the EBM works in this overview!

Trace A DeMeyer says:

genius idea

Rupert Neil Bumfrey says:

tks @balebusta @knotellin

Carlos Portela says:

book machine ondemandbooks

Rachel Ash says:

This machine is a game-changer.

Caffe Hopper says:

The Espresso Book Machine

Mary Bradley says:


Occupy London Library says:

For Every Occupy Library! (with slight modifications ;)

K Floyd says:

Printing a book, in 2008. Not all books are printed this way today, but
some are.

For reading and durability, I prefer sewn binding over perfect hot glue

Karen Woodward says:

The Espresso Book Machine: How To Create A Book In 5 Minutes

Pedro Al Espinoza says:

Karen H. says:

why does every english department known not have this? or rather, just in
my college when i was there? 🙁 +Alice Lok

Adam Blumer says:


Laston Kirkland says:

a bookstore a few miles from me has one of these… I plan to go down soon
and check it out.

54spiritedwill54 says:

i love this video !

nakapueo1 says:

Too slow.

djmopa says:

I’ll take 3 of them

bilancio says:

imagine placing one of these in a 3rd world country. where simple things
such as books to read are almots impossible to afford…this is awesome

volunteersimplicity says:

This is the future of reading

AuthorDisplay says:

we’ve come a long way, baby, since the first printing presses! I love this

HenceForthwith says:

Like every other printer in the world, the “CANCEL! STOP!” button doesn’t
stop anything. It just shows you what you’re going to yell when the button
doesn’t stop anything.

YiddishSisters says:

this is not going to work. the ebook will save both paper and ink money.

dubduhgoods says:

@bookreviewfamily Yes, it is currently for sale to anyone who has $97,000
USD plus the cost of the printer, your choice of the Xerox 4112 or Kyocera
FS-9530DN. (i’d go with the Xerox 😉

sergeymkl says:

@vcav22 Why? My Laserjet 4250 is below 1 Eurocent per page including paper.
I have a video where i show it’s being used to “pirate” academic textbooks

cmadodge says:

Introducing the Kindle True.

factorremix says:

Better buy a whole new machine instead of paying about a fifth of a million
dollars for ink! HOHOHOOOHOHOOHO

refuserN says:

Dude… What about e-readers. This thinks hogs on energy and consumes
masses of paper for something that could be way more effective with
e-paper. I hope no library will spend their moneys on this crap.

rharberg says:

I would definitely start going to the book store again if it had one of
these instead of buying on sites like amazon. Plus think of how easy it
would be to get those books that are constantly out of stock or on back

batonrye says:

@cdprhys People said the same things about vinyl records. The ebook trend
is following the same progression of vinyl to CD. The ebook will become the
primary medium of book consumption because of it’s low cost and easy
distribution. Paper books will still occupy a niche market, probably at a
higher cost. Finally, billions of dollars will be spent in an
(ass-backwards) attempt to create digital technology and E-readers which
emulate paper books.

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