The Differences Between a Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and a Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Join Zack and Randy of Whole Latte Love as they discuss the differences between a semi-automatic espresso machine and a super-automatic espresso machine. Vis…


Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

You forgot to tell people that with a good skill you can get much better
shot quality out of the Semi-Automatic and the main reason is of course
that the brewgroup of about all(I’ve only seen the Quick Mill Monza
superautomatic with metal brew group) superautomatics is made out of
plastic where it’s metal on semi-automatics.

kylemgreen42 says:

Very helpful video–clear & concise explanation. Thanks!

M. Costa says:

Super-automatic is easyer to use, but semi-automatic machines are much more
relyable machines. There are semi-automatic with build-in grinder that make
it very well. After using super-automatic machines of 4 diferent makers, I
get back to the semi-automatic to avoid several minor failures of all the
super-automatic ones!

HelloRoostar says:

Great video, thanks for sharing

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