The Barista Express Espresso Machine (BES870)

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A great tasting espresso needs fresh roasted coffee ground straight before extraction. The Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine grinds, doses and extrac…


jovagmail says:

Can I use the grinder on this machine to grind for my French Press as well?

libertango says:

Many people say vinegar is not safe for descaling. Breville recommends
vinegar/water 1:1 and and is against powder solution descaler. So, is
vinegar safe for cleaning my Breville 870?

Sams T says:

This coffee machine is about $600 plus tax.i saw it at Fry’s electronic.
the only diffidence that this machine has a coffee grinder that you can buy
for $20. To me it is not worth it. you can get a nice one for $100 and it
will do the same job. 

Nelamid DD says:

I got this machine but ever since I used it. I the pressure gauge never
move at all. Is this normal? Is there anything I should do to adjust the
pressure. From the video the pressure gauge was moving with default
settings. Is there something wrong with my espresso machine?

pritika mugam says:

What basket did you use in this demo? I have just brought one and the
pressure gauge doesn’t move. I have tried different settings but nothing
seems to work?
Any suggestions?

Elvis Ahmed says:

Any tips on frothing milk for a cappuccino. desertls1 I had a similar issue
when pulling the double shot initially but the manual extraction seems to
have fixed the problem. I press and hold the button about 7 sec and then
let go count to 24 and then stop. If I use the default doible espresso shot
the coffee beans have to be really really fresh brewed and tightly packed
(the blade doesn’t help) 

siusalukis99 says:

Can you use the grinder separately to grind coffee for a coffee press or
drip coffee maker?

guywhohatesstuff says:

The bes870 has a thermocoil with more thermal mass for better thermal
stability. The hopper is also bigger, and I believe the grinder is
calibrated finer by default.

Elnono says:

and the coffee reservoir is conical for better grain feeding.

Brandon Eugene says:

the best part was the end!

Globalstore Zon says:

More than 20 people give 5 rating for this product! check the complete
reviews here: goo.glK5dQYG

Kary Menuau says:

Breville should make this machine capable to brew and steam at the same
time. then you will have a winner. think about that!

Jack Rockliffe says:

Having a dual boiler means that you can steam your milk while your espresso
extracts, due to the two different heating mechanisms.

Tariq Van says:

Nice I am going to buy one but I wonder ( made in ? )

ultraman8899 says:

Any release date on this n the dual boiler for Europe?

Affinity Photography says:

Big difference is the grinder… dual boiler should make steam much faster.

Affinity Photography says:

“knock box”

Martina Arroyo says:

Can someone tell me what’s the nane of the can were you put the coffee
after you make it ???



desertls1 says:

My BES870 is consistently underextracting and getting low pressure on the
double basket vs the single basket (the single gets the needle straight up
and down every time). I’m only talking about the single walled filters. Any
advice on how to fix this problem? When I pull a double shot, the needle
barely makes it out of the preinfusion level… whereas on the single shot
it’s at the 11 or 12 oclock almost every time.

desertls1 says:

Was he pulling a single or double in this video? Because he pushed the
double dose button when grinding, but then pushed the single shot button
when extracting…

Karlo Kudoic says:

I just bought bes870 on recommendation by consumer magazine. Makes good
single shot espresso, but no matter how fine the grind or how hard the
tampering is it always under extract double shots. Anyone with some idea
how to make it work on double shots?

arkasza2007 says:

Shut up and take my money

jspers99 says:

What is the difference between the BES870 and BES860?

KOR Brevilleman says:

really awesome!!!

panagiotis panousis says:

australia i think …


New machine, nice. I will still with my BDB.

Affinity Photography says:

Definitely has to be your grind size and coffee type. If it’s super fine
you aren’t tamping hard enough.

KOR Brevilleman says:

PIDcontrol / Water resistant wall for coffee grinder / Hotwater nozzle /
Blue color lamp 🙂

panagiotis panousis says:

please i need your guidance and opinion !!!!ascaso dream or breville????im
in dilemma!! can anyone help me….??

BitterBliss says:

Looks like a nice machine. Think the dual boiler might work well in this
format (with the grinder included). Is the burr grinder accessible (as in,
can the burr be removed and replaced if required)?

Captain Pope says:

Two suggestions: 1.) Try changing the settings on the grinder to make the
grind finer. 2.) Try tamping in layers. For example, set the grind amount
to a single shot. Tamp this down and then manual add enough to fill the
rest of the portafilter.

bellydanza85 says:

What is the difference between this and the Dual Boiler?

Zoey Nguyen says:

and a round bean hopper

Affinity Photography says:

Taller bean hopper with angled walls and more capacity, the hot water
spout, the drip tray looks way different (860 looks more like a cooling
rack with parallel bars), there’s is PID control which is a fancy way of
saying it has a control system that quickly hones in on the correct
temperature using sensors in a feedback loop, and there’s a way to program
the extraction temperature (not in 860). Source: I have owned the 860.

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