Sunbeam EM7000 Espresso Machine

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A short review of our Sunbeam, EM7000 coffee machine, and a small bit about our Sunbeam EM480 grinder, as there were no reviews when I was looking at buying …


GladiatorProduction2 says:

cheers big ears

Anthony Tam says:

Thanks for this, bro!

Alvin Fletcher says:

just want to ask if anyone’s EM7000 makes a loud vibrating/rattling noise
when making the coffee (not the milk), as i would like to know if my device
is isolated properly, if not please if you could upload a video of its
normal sound when making a coffee so i can compare thank you.

unbelievabubble says:

Hey a great informative review..I bought one and the same grinder! The
first bag of beans (little bag), worked great, then I bought a new bag
different brand, and for some reason the pressure gauge doesn’t work or
increase at all – originally it did I had it right in the sweet spot..Im
grinding at between 7-10 on adjustment. Have you experienced this or have
any ideas?

Nich0 says:

I had to get spacers from Sunbeam sent out to me. Added 2 spacers to the
grinder and bamb! perfect coffee grind

TrishaRooster says:

Thanks for the video post. I actually brought one about a month ago and
love love love it. Even though the video would have helped at the time, I
did some research on it and I was comparing it to other expensive models
(imports) and this seemed to have the same features as they did. So I took
the risk and got one. Great coffee machine for home use at half the price
of others. I’ve used commercial models before and this comes pretty close.
Thanks for the demo.

saffajosh says:

Hi Alvin, check the new video out, under my other videos, and compare the
noise there.. It shouldnt be too bad, have you got any metal items on top
that rattle?

Nich0 says:

I thought I would give my old coffee/spice grinder a crack again and sure
enough the coffee came out perfect. My second bag of beans were only opened
a week ago and they do the exact same thing, maybe they are old stock?. The
grind adjustment on my conical burr is not working so well and I seem to be
looking at the same grinds no matter what setting it’s on. Sunbeam seems to
think I need to add some spacers (which they are sending to me) so that’s
the next thing to try.

Pieter Jordaan says:

Great review, Can you please post one showing you making a coffee, I also
got one of these but my results vary. Does your pressure gauge go all the
way into the orange? Thanks

TrishaRooster says:

Thanks for the rundown. But, it would have been nice to listen to the
machine as you made your coffee and steamed your milk. It’s something that
is not available as a demonstration video like other coffee machines. Would
love it if you posted another video.

saffajosh says:

Hi there, sorry its so late, but its up under my other videos now.

unbelievabubble says:

Finally found out what it was, after a lot of research! The most simple of
things.. Your beans are old! As simple as that, you need fresh beans, and
max 2-3 weeks old, otherwise the oils all dry up and all you will get is a
gushing facet and yuck coffee. My 1st packet of beans machine went awesome,
then on my second was terrible, beans were brand-new from supermarket as
with first pack, though 2nd pack not fresh it seems. (BTW Thanks saffajosh
for the suggestions).

saffajosh says:

Hi Bob, done. Orange is where you want to be, if the espresso gauge is nt
at orange try change the grind of the coffee. If its too small it will be
in the red, too large, in the green or not move at all. Cheers says:


Nich0 says:

I also have the same machine and grinder. Today I have attempted to make
about 10 coffees with the pressure gauge only moving slightly from the
default position. I have tried various settings from 6 all the way up until
about 16 and the water seems to come out of the group head as if there is
no coffee in there no matter what grind setting I used. I used the grinder
on 12 setting yesterday and perfect pressure, today no luck… any ideas?

Warren Hancock says:

Is this a thermoblock machine? I had the EM6910 and within 2 years I had to
get 1 of the thermoblock units replaced as it had rusted out. Withjn 12
months of replacing that unit the steamer thermoblock nwent. Know it sits
in the laundry until I decide what to do with it. I bought the Breville
BES900 purely because it was a twin boiler and not a thermoblock system
which has left a sour taste in my mouth and wouldn’t touch another such
machine. It did however make great coffee when it was going.

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