steaming milk on a la pavoni espresso machine for latte art

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I made a custom steam tip for creating the perfect micro foam for latte art on a la pavoni espresso machine.


Justin Powell says:

Great video…thanks

MrRagingMammoth says:

Is it even possible to make well steamed milk with the default tip?

riley sterman says:

Where did you get the bottomless portafilter for your la pavoni

Rosťa Anděl says:

very nice

Amirichi says:

dude… always wipe the steam wand first! -_-

tearingmonkey says:

I have La Pavoni EPC-8 cup Europiccola, will the Single Hole Steam Wand Tip
you sell fit this machine? (I notice you have the Professional model)

Ka Nesi Amsu says:

PERFECT!!! That’s the way it should be done.

brooklynshot says:

To get the best shot and better crema I suggest very freshly roasted coffee
no more than 2 weeks old but at least 3 days old, coffee not roasted too
dark – about a full city or full city plus roast level – not black and not
oily, also it MUST be ground with a decent burr grinder – it makes all the
difference in the world – try having your favorite coffee shop grind some
for you and use it the next day. Tamper from espressoparts, and the
bottomless portafilter was homemade using a hole saw.

brooklynshot says:

@Superpus2007 – I use 2% milk.

phycaster says:

whats the name of the song???whos is it by???

brooklynshot says:

I went with the Pavoni due to cost – I was able to get a used machine
locally for a few hundred less than an Elektra. I’ve used both and they
each have their own unique qualities – I like the looks of the Pavoni
better but the Elektra base is more stable.

brooklynshot says:

Espresso is not exactly sweet …as in a sugary taste unless you add sugar.
However a properly extracted espresso shot pulled “ristretto” can be a
wonderful experience, full of chocolate overtones and a thick mouth feel.
Adding milk, properly steamed can bring out the natual lactose sweetness in
the milk and results in a drink that won’t require sugar.

brooklynshot says:

They are just normal double shots, but pulled with fresh home roasted beans
– with fresh beans the crema just keeps on coming!

luongdung says:

Hmmm those espresso look so good. Are they a ristretto or just a normal

jmarley911 says:

I bought an acorn nut tonight and replaced the steaming tip. It made an
incredible difference. I’ve been steaming milk for years and found my new
La Pavoni extremely frustrating! Thanks for the tip 🙂

James Vaughn says:

very helpful thankyou

MatanFliesher says:

for a home machine that was pretty nice bro 🙂

borisburkhart says:

how do u get the coffee so dark in the cup? as when i do it its light brown

Joshua Furlow says:

heres what i do, I put the wand to the back of the pitcher and make it roll
more vertically the around in a circle, the tip wand is pretty much resting
against the edge and I then tilt the pitcher alot, about 30 degrees so the
tip is shooting into the side of the pitcher. I find this helps lots as it
limits bid bubbles and makes steaming cappuccino (4-5oz milk) alot easier
as it tends to not heat up so quickly and can add air right up to nearly
turning off.

Leona Rose says:

which brand off espresso beans do you like best ?

Jesse Gorrell says:

Man….this guy is incredible. Best I’ve seen.

brooklynshot says:

I home roast. But I also get Gorilla, Black Cat, Gimmie and Counter Culture.

brooklynshot says:

@borisburkhart Try a different coffee, or maybe your grind is too coarse.

brooklynshot says:

@dannyreijo Try orphanespresso – expensive but nice, or cut your own using
a hole saw.

brooklynshot says:

@markpianoman : You can make good latte art with a silvia but the
stretching takes a bit longer and you need to use a small amount of milk
…about 6 or 8 oz to get decent swirling. If it has any sort of auto
frothing attachment take it off and try steaming with only the metal tipped
wand end with the little hole.

Kent Aoyama says:

Where to buy a naked portofilter? i live in Denmark does sellers in UK does
not post to DK :/ and who is the artist for this awesome music?

jaideux says:

@brooklynshot You speak and I listen! I now have my own green beans from
Sweet Maria’s that I roast myself in a popcorn popper (not black and
oily!), have a Porlex burr hand grinder that arrived from OE today…and a
little wooden tamper (so cute) from Thomas Cara, Ltd. My beans may be a tad
too fresh…but I did seem a little crema today! My microfoam (I can’t
believe I called it microfilm last post…so embarrassing) is still lame
though…:(. But thanks for input, Oh Coffee Mentor!

tony y says:

@markpianoman you can change the steam arm for the new one is much better
and moves 360 deg

Tinks599 says:

Here is why your video is better than many: You don’t screw around and get
to the heart of what I’m looking for. Good editing makes this five minutes
worth of actual good content…instead of 45 seconds of good content and
the rest crap. Thank you.

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