Starbucks Barista home espresso machine – Part 1

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Instructional video produced in 1998 to accompany Starbucks’ branded home espresso maker. It features the “revolutionary new” Rapporto filter, occasionally r…


Fulu Shouxi says:

this is disturbing reminds me of McDonald’s training videos with adogenous

Warrenff5 says:

@doubletopsecret1 yes it did.

renix says:

also, “pretamped”?

AlarminglyEnchanted says:

No one drinks one shot.

Dikson Tan says:

and a damn cloth..

lonememe says:

Thanks for posting this! I have a Barista machine that I bought a few years
ago. Mine’s a bit more recent than this video (mine’s a Saeco), but it’s
still the same concepts. I never knew coffee videos could be so cheezy.

renix says:

it’s called the portafilter because that’s what it’s called on every
espresso machine. the marketing fascination consumer marketed espresso
machines have with is ludicrous. it’s still happening!

Spaniard781 says:

Great video so helpful

Chuck Johnson says:

“Depress brew button till the green light goes out”. It never went out when
priming for brewing.

Warrenff5 says:

starbucks did not design it!! saeco did!

TheDeejbear says:

I’ve had mine for years but no one has used it since we first got it and it
had stopped working. Is it because no one has used it or something else?

Topherstein says:

is that Phil Michelson?

handsomebassman says:

I have had one of these machines for years, and have definitely put it
through its paces. However, now the double shot button doesn’t work…well,
it WORKS, but it doesnt stop – I have to press the button again in order to
stop it. Works for a long-press, but for now im pressing the single shot
button twice to get it to give me the shots I want. Otherwise, a fantastic

Lewys Brown says:

Nice vid tho ­čśÇ

Reid Harris says:


Brian McShea says:

a 12 oz latte-based beverage is only one shot.

mreisma says:

my wand sprays when i brew even if the wand knob is turned off, WHATS THE

Warrenff5 says:

@lonememe all starbucks machines are made by saeco.

7620100 says:

This is really helpful. I have the exact set up displayed in this video. I
didn’t know some of these facts, until I watched this.

Lewys Brown says:


boognish1975 says:

@lewys258 Why do you say this?

antonkaiable says:

The whole worlds coffee mad theres even starbucks drive thrus whats going
on !!!!!

dkphilbin says:

There is no ‘x’ in espresso!

Marissa Rodriguez says:

You will need to see if; the machine turning on, the machine is warming (if
not then it’s not getting power), does the steam wand get hot when you are
waiting to steam milk, water flow through on your screen when you push the
brew button? If any of these do not work you could have a problem with
power (corroded connections inside, boiler no longer has a seal (not hot),
or a malfunctioning pump (not getting water from the tank to the needed
parts). I suggest running a cleaning cycle if it works.

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