SCG Compares: Dual Boiler Espresso Machines

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Gail walks us through three different dual boiler espresso machines to show us how they compare with each other. In this video, learn about the features and …


UKAutoharp Ryan says:

Lovely machines. As for the art, I applauded the second one and the noises
Gail made on the last one had me in stitches! Nobody does coffee videos
like SCG.

TubeSurferGeek says:

Gail and Kat… you guys make such a great team!

Great review! I would love a double boiler machine, just can’t afford one
right now. Can’t really even afford a single boiler system at the
moment… oh well. I do like the looks of the Breville.

jeffs99a says:

Are you sure you can program wait time on the Breville DB? After reading
manual, it mentions programming pre-infusion time, pre-infusion pressure,
temp and volume but nothing about wait time. And I’m understanding wait
time to be time delay between pre-infusion and brew start…

Richard Begg says:

Oh how I’ve missed my Gail & Kat fix. You guys could sell ice to the

The R58 is my next purchase, I love the Italian styling. 

Josh Blake says:

With the E61 grouphead on the R58, is it still effective if the service
boiler is off?

FullAttach says:

My mistake. The Breville Dual Boiler has a 300 ml brew boiler as confirmed
by a Breville tech via email. This is both the US and AU versions. For some
reason, Breville’s own online videos reported 450ml. Early specs?

Tc Cv says:

okay, Gail needs to learn latte art pronto!!!! By the way, the elusive
camera shy Kat is a brunette wearing glasses. :)

mbarigian says:

Bump the service boiler temp up to the max setting on the PID and the R58
performs much better while “multitasking.” I would love to sell my R58 for
that GS3!

Urbino237 says:

Great machines, all. I would take the GS3 over the other two, if it didn’t
cost the Earth.

Perhaps there wasn’t time, but I would like to have seen for each machine

> the recommended grind setting
> the grinder doing its job
> the tamping
> and how each shot is pulled.

I learn so much when those steps are shown.

Happy New Year to everyone at SCG!

DubsMood says:

Could it be that the steam knob on the rocket wasnt fully opened and
therefore a bit weak on steaming (and loud) ? ;)

Jack Williams says:

I love these videos! I purchases the cross land and a rocky and love them
both- the cross land based on talking to you guys.
I love my machine, but still love watching everyone if these reviews!

Julian Amrine says:

the GS3 looks amazing.

Genevieve Scott says:

I have the dual boiler!! I and LOVE it!! Took me some time to get my shots
right, still working on it, I’m new at this, but turning out VERY good!
Worth every penny!

Zoey Nguyen says:

Gail can watch VCR street smart for latte art tutorial. ;)) I think the
problem is she started too close to the cup wall.

Ken Frey says:

You guys are so informative!! I have the Breville Dual boiler and love it.
For the price, the others just can’t compete. I would love a GS3, but at
5x the price…YEAK!

FullAttach says:

Thank you for this comparison review! One correction (to the best of my
knowledge and Phil McKnight’s YouTube video) – the capacity of the brew
boiler is 450ml. 

PopRoxBro says:

XD Rubber Ding Dong… im so immature

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