Saeco Xelsis Superautomatic Espresso Machine Review

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Buy it here: Morgan and Marc show you the Saeco Xelsis One Touch Super-automatic espresso machine. With …


Petterkopp says:

Just got one and I think it’s a pretty good machine. espresso is wonderful,
wife loves the cappuccino. One thing I wonder about, I find the american
coffee a little weak, how can I make it stronger?´╗┐

bellissimo83 says:

Could I use the Kimbo Extra Cream coffee beans on this machine? Just bought
a bag and not sure if they’re suitable.´╗┐

wholelattelovetv says:

The temp of the coffee can be adjusted. The milk temp can not. It may be
that user likes their milk really hot.

yanoch14 says:

I own this machine for about 2 years. I’m almost at 2000 different coffee
done so far and I just can’t express enough how much i love this.

cengeb says:

mine works GREAT!

Marius Oros says:

Somebody complaint about the low temperature of the coffee and milk- not
hot enough. He said that he had to microwave it to his taste. Is it true,
not hot enough or did he missed some sort of settings on the machine?

Jerry And says:

very nice machine,maybe in 6mo+ I’ll be able to get one

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