saeco vienna plus espresso machine

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ready and brew time testing.


TarStarFilmz says:

Hi, I was wondering what you thing of this machine? Is it a good one? I am
thinking about buying this one, but I want to make sure it is good before I
buy it. So if you could let me know that would be great. Thanks!

designinaday says:

Unfortunately, this unit only lasted about 6 weeks. I get a steady red
light in the middle of the brewing espresso and freezes. I returned it to
the store and tried the second unit. And second unit worked good for 2
weeks and another red light right after the brewing session. I think it’s
better to share my experience with future purchaser!

designinaday says:

@TarStarFilmz My first two unit didn’t last long. Don’t know exactly know
why – I use purified water and exact same intelligentsia black cat espresso
beans all the time. Maybe I just had bad luck with first two machine. So
far, I’m happy with the machine since this one does not giving me any
trouble. Hope this helps!

designinaday says:

@TarStarFilmz As you read my previous comments, I’m on my third machine
now. So far, this one works great on everyday use – I’ve been using it for
5month so far with my machine (two to three cups on daily basis). Best part
of this machine would be getting a fresh cup of espresso within 90 sec(from
the power on to power off – no prep or post procedure required – I usually
clean the internal brewing compartment once a week).

Mike Beav says:

You need to push the brew button twice for a double shot. The machine will
run through two complete cycles once the brew buttin is pushed twice.

JudyParrish2 says:

look it is good enough… thanks for review, i will try it… πŸ™‚

TarStarFilmz says:

@designinaday Thanks. It sounds nice. I don’t mind how hot the espresso is,
cuz when I add steamed milk that heats it up a little. The main thing I
want to see in a machine is durability, like so it lasts a long time.

designinaday says:

@TarStarFilmz My only complaint would be the espresso itself is not hot
enough for me (but this was expected since it’s priced under $1000 as a
super automatic espresso machine – all three machines that I had were
same). If you enjoy commercial quality HOT espresso then this is definitely
not for you, however if you don’t want to spend extra 10 to 15 min of your
day brewing espresso (including cleaning time) then this would be perfect
fit for you!

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