Saeco Poemia Espresso Machine: How to Brew & Steam

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Buy here: Morgan and Tracy take a look at the New Saeco Poemia. This entry level machine has a pressuriz…


72marie says:

So can you use Capsule Pods on Espresso machines or just the ESE Pods?

SmartFetus says:

now everytime i try to make coffee the three lights are ON simultaneously
and no coffee pours? what does this mean? i just bought it and i need to
know if i need to return it back

wholelattelovetv says:

I do like both of the machines, perhaps the Capresso a little better. I
would also look at the Delonghi EC702 and really take a close look at any
of the Gaggia machines. If you read all the reviews it will help enlighten
you some as well.

Navasnabshu Niduvallur says:

Yesterday I bought this machine but i don’t know how making coffee with
this machine . i follow this video but how many second or minute i have to
wait for coffee . please help me am waiting for replay in front of my new

wholelattelovetv says:

You’re welcome! We are so glad the video helped.

wholelattelovetv says:

The machine takes about a minute to heat up and once the portafilter is
loaded it should take about 18 seconds to brew a shot.

wholelattelovetv says:

Make sure the grind is not too fine, that you ‘re not overfilling the
filter basket and that the filter basket isn’t clogged.

Robin Laevaert says:

i got a problem with this machine … my coffee is taking way longer to
brew as yours.

Tony Knight says:

Have had the Saeco Poemia for about 4 months now. Nice compact unit and
works great. One question though, why does the “Ready” light (bottom green)
turn off after a few seconds of running the pump? Does that mean it’s not
ready any more. Do I have to stop the pump and wait for it to come on again?

Daniel D says:

I’m looking for entry-level espresso. Which one is better, Saeco Poemia or
Capresso EC100. Both I think in the same price range. Any other suggestion?

94cyyang says:

Hi, I plan on buying my first espresso machine, i drink about 1-2 cups of
coffee a day and i want to practice latte art Is this machine suitable for
me? or i have to get the gaggia classic?

Tom Georges says:

Also, they didn’t show the entire length of the brew process in the video –
it began when the coffee started coming out of the filter, then IMMEDIATELY
skipped to a full shot glass.

94cyyang says:

why do water leak from the side if i use the single basket? No problem if i
use the double basket or use the ese adapter together with the single
basket Can i use the ese adapter and single basket together for ground

wholelattelovetv says:

When the light turns off that means that it is actively heating again to
maintain temperature while brewing.

Bruno onurB says:

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