Saeco Aroma SS Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Zack shows you how to make great shots of espresso using the Saeco Aroma SS Semi-automatic Espresso Machine.A pressurized style portafilter makes the Aroma a…


wholelattelovetv says:

The baskets do fit tightly, we have found it is easiest to pry them out
using another one of the baskets.

Ron Walter says:

After speaking with someone at Saeco I decided it was the pressure
regulator in the portafilter. I bought a ‘standard’ (non-pressure
regulated) portafilter and it works. I’ve found Saeco provides reasonable
customer service; since your system is new I suggest calling them and
explaining your problem. Good Luck!

cor ayy says:

i bought this machine and a double shot works great! but when it comes to
the single shot gasket all the water comes out the top

Avery Allen says:

Where can I purchase a single shot basket?

Ron Walter says:

I’ve had my Saeco Aroma for 4 or so years and have only used it to steam
milk. I’d like to make an espresso, but the coffee comes out around the top
of the portafilter rather than at the bottom. If I tighten the basket
REALLY FIRMLY no water/coffee is dispensed. This behavior is consistent
with no basket, a basket and no coffee, and a basket with coffee. It seems
blocked, but the I’m able to insert a toothpick easily in the two holes at
the bottom. Any suggestions for what to try?


can you make a review of the via venezia..? plz

vogti1982 says:

I suppose that is because of you have to exhaust the air from the inside of
the pump. What helped pretty good to me was using a syringe and pulling
water directly into the flexible tube of the water tank until the pumps
water again instead of air. This should work 😉

Raj Kumar says:

Thanks for the video. I am having problems with this machine though. When i
press the brew button, i just get a brewing sound but nothing comes out. It
doesn’t happen consistently though. 8 out of 10 times it works fine. It is
the 2 times that it annoys the hell out of me. Let me know if i need to
check for something before I press the brew button. The lights on the brew
button are ON when i press them.

LudwigVanYesBut says:

Hi. I’ve acquired this machine and it works great, however, I seem to have
a problem with the filters. They seem to fit way to thight in the handle
thing, so much that I need to pry them out with a key or a knife to get
them out. Is it normal or is there a defect with mine? Thanks.

wholelattelovetv says:

There a few things that may be causing this issue. First, make sure your
machine is still primed by opening the water valve and dispensing hot water
thru the wand. Inconsistency in the grind could be the problem or
over-tamping which can cause it to clog. You can reach our Tech Department
at 1-888-411-5282 x3

Sean Nguyen says:

I’m having the same problem! I just got this for christmas. Have you
figured it out?

wholelattelovetv says:

Saeco should have a single shot basket available for purchase.

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