Russell Hobbs – Pump Espresso Machine

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The sleek and stylish Pump Espresso Machine, review by


Thodoris Margomenos says:

you don’t pat the coffee in the filter with that part of the spoon thingy,
there’s a circular full flat part, it’s not meant as something so that the
spoon can be put up right, that bottom flat part is what you press the
coffee in the filter with. You need to pressure it with that for a good
amount, enough so that if you turn the filter around it the coffee doesn’t
come out.

Chris Perry says:

you need to pat the coffee down with the tamper which is on the back of it

Khalid Choudhary says:

great vid helped a lot getting one… the music was a bad idea its over
powering your voice… but still great vid… :)

Mummy Constant says:

Check out the Russell Hobbs Pump Espresso Machine!

Hannah Staveley says:

im mad on coffee .

Caroline Mcgovern Hammond says:

Definitely going to get one

Helen Moulden says:

Good review Mummy Constant! I think you’ve persuaded me to get one!

Helen Moulden says:

Crikey I need coffee this morning…

Pippa Ainsworth says:

This looks so fantastic! I want one!

Anthony Harrington says:

this looks great!

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