Are You Ruining Your Coffee by Grinding the Beans the Wrong Way?

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Don’t let the daily grind destroy your morning cup of joe. Proper use of your automatic or hand powered coffee grinder is a must know if you want good coffee. This video shows the right way to grinding your coffee beans. Preground coffee quickly looses its’ flavour. If you want to get the most from auto drip coffee or even a french press grinding is the way to go.

How To Grind Coffee Beans

There are 2 types of coffee grinders. Blade grinders, like the krups. There are also burr grinders like the

Blade grinders tend to be much less expensive. The trick to getting an even grind is to use the grinder in short bursts as opposed to running it continously.

It is also very important not to over grind. Coffee grinds that are finer can clog most types of coffee filters. They end up in your cup and the brewing process is ruined. Too fine of a grind also contributes to taste contamination with too much metal and air.


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