ROK Espresso Maker

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Watch the designer of the ROK making a delicious espresso.


Serge Olyva says:

Jennifer Hayden says:

I love it!!!

Antonio Pickett says:

How is this not a Presso?

Aram Z says:

This machine is beautiful to look at and use, but the end result will be
terrible. “water right off the boil”…the temperature variance would be
SO high that the temperature from the start and the finish of the shot
would vary by as much as 50 degrees!

The difference between this and a real espresso machine is that a real
machine (usually north of $1000) will keep the temperature pegged at
198-203F throughout the shot, while maintaining a constant pressure

Chris Frye says:

Here is an espresso maker I can get behind (

The Secrets of Nature says:

seriously considering giving up nespresso for this…

Patrick Quairoli says:

I’ve always been a fan of French press coffee makers. I’ve been using them
for over 15 years. I Could never settle on a good espresso maker, because I
hate all of the tiny components and the espresso always tastes metallic. So
I’ve been using stove top espresso pots for over 17 years. I think this
could be the perfect espresso press for me. 

Javier Aroche says:

for my Caffeinated friends: ROK Espresso Maker

DL Byron says:

*Rok and ROLL*


On more advantage to this amazing invention : the garantee is 10 years.
Frankly, I don’t see what could go wrong or get old in this beautiffuly
designed machine. I bought it two years ago, It is still impressing every
single new person I bring home for a coffee. And it is a “tea person” who
is speaking here ! 😀

Kirk Reese says:

This is amazing. Science as Art…completely…simplistically…wow.

gtarbmx says:

i want this so bad. i’m planning to live off the grid in the future but it
will be hard without my beloved espresso. this is a perfect product.

Tomas Zeleninsky says:

Dzezve + turkish coffee is another solution

John Solanzo says:

I lost you at “pre-ground”

katselu says:


Gandalf Herbmaster says:

Just bought it, works pretty well

emouch1 says:

nice design but makes below than average coffee. says:

Mmmmm koffie…. Hoeveel kopjes heb jij al op?

John de Villiers says:

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