ROK Espresso Machine Review (Make Good Espresso ANYWHERE)

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NRXTM says:


cutlerylover says:
Jason Hatherlee says:

Coffee gets nerdy. 

TheBlackShadow270 says:

Commercial machines are definitely expensive. For example, the smokehouse I
use at work costs around 70 thousand dollars…

dudelivestrong says:

25% of all commuters have fecal matter on their hands. Remember that when
you ride a subway or train.

Diego Perez says:

Since you enjoy this manual machine I think you would very much enjoy a
manual or automatic watch. I have ordered an inexpensive automatic watch
and it’ll be arriving very soon and I’ll be posting an unboxing and first
impressions video so if you’re interested I would be extremely grateful if
you checked out my channel when I post the the video which should be
Tuesday if all goes well. :-)

Kingraptor84 says:

Roof Coffee? lol

BlueEDC says:

You’ve inspired me to make my own videos and channel! Thank you!

William Milkford says:

Hey Jeff when are we gonna get a look at your bug out bag?

Big John says:

Jeff have you ever thought of giving the aeropress a try?

Kristyanna Virgona says:

I am getting a french press for my Jetboil.

Andre Prevost says:

This reminds me of a french press… I wonder if you put a different
attachment for a more coarse bean and more water if it would make a nice
french press?

Grant Loan says:

What makes this better than a ~$10-30 Brazilian or French press coffee
maker? Sure it looks cool, but can is out-perform something I can get at
any supermarket?

frickbot says:

That is pretty awesome, I usually just use instant coffee if Im not at
home. Had an espresso machine a few years ago and just never got into it. 

sparky0288 says:

looks like it would be great, but I’m not into espresso 

ThatCoolNerd01 says:

I made my self a latté after seeing you make the espresso shot, and it was

emrguns1 says:

Hi Jeff, make mine black with 3 shots.
Thanks, nice vid.

Braden pryor says:

You should try some Greek coffee 

Febeleh says:

Do you think you could use hotter water, a finer grind, and a faster pull
to get the crema?

Philocognition says:

Finally! I have been waiting years to make espresso in the crawl space
under my home.

InoxEdge says:

Very cool, a proper man kitchen gadget.

SRG Knives says:

Pretty cool machine.

Mike Anoneemus says:

Check out the Aeropress

rhunt320 says:


Dave Grohl says:

If I use Nescafe, will that void the warranty?

DannoCrutch says:

pack to 40 lbs. Use a bathroom scale pushing down, to get a feel for 40
lbs. Try to go slow enough for the pull to take 20-25 seconds. That. and
time since roasted, then ground, should give you a nice crema.

Kristyanna Virgona says:

get your water a little hotter also 170-185 degrees is best

Christopher Williams says:

Dude………you rock…. that’s all I’m going to say.. I love your videos

warlord squiggly says:


BuzzFeedGuns says:

If you do cigar reviews.. Do coffee reviews for those of us who don’t smoke

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