Review and Demo for the De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

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Product page: This is a review and demo for the De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker. Make sure you get a good espre…


Cambaudio says:

Some things I learned that helped my shots TEN fold to save some of you
some time and get the best out of this machine. It is quite capable of
producing high quality shots you’d normally get from a high end machine.

1) Depressurize the Portafilter. If you don’t, you will get crema and the
shot will look really nice, but the crema is fake and the shot will taste
sour/bitter. Trust me. This is easy to do, google it.

2) Cut off the bottom of the Portafilter to make it bottomless. By doing
this, you can watch the extraction and see if the shot if being pulled
correctly. This helped me hugely because I wasn’t pulling shots evenly and
coffee was going everywhere. This is fairly easy as well.

3) Let the machine warm up for a bit, regardless of the green light to
reach optimal temps.

If your shots are not coming out good with a decent amount of crema after
the above steps, now you can focus on your technique. At least youll have
the truth and not fake shots from the pressurized filter. Once you get that
down, you will be making some truly amazing and delicious shots from this
little guy.

Jenn Elash says:

You are tamping way too many times…this is not a good example of how to
make a great shot.

ted klomp says:

If you make an espresso like that then I rather have a cup of tea !
What an asshole video is this !
You must measure your coffee idiot before you stamp it !
And then you touch the coffee also with your fingers ??!!!
Disgusting !!

WorshipNation Tvision says:

This video hurts a lot of espresso snobs such as myself. Lol was my first
machine though. But why would you run twice?

Gayatri Jolly says:

When you first opened it, did you have to run only hot water through the
whole machine five times without actually putting ground coffee in it to
clean it up? Thats what the instruction booklet says. Thanks!

ejdf870 says:

I have this machine, and I have 1 major question about it: *how* are you
supposed to know when the espresso stops coming out of it, and hot water
starts dripping down into your coffee???
This has happened to me on several occasions.
There is simply nothing on this machine that alerts you when this is about
to happen, and it does not automatically stop when it has finished making
coffee. It just keeps going. No wonder my espresso often tastes watery.
What a hideous design flaw. Expect Delonghi to eventually come out with
another espresso maker that corrects this fault. Of course by then I, and
everyone else who bought this machine, will feel like a sucker.

Jimmy Vo says:

That’s a single shot glass? That looks double-shot to me. :(

Mike Firesmith says:

What is the container that holds the coffee as it is being steamed made of?
Aluminum or steel? What is the rest of the metal? Thanks! 

Robert Dramountanis says:

Thorough and accurate review. I bought a used one like this real cheap.
Didn’t come with a manual so I used this video. The pro is that it’s really
small… The con, is that it is also really small! I have the same problem
finding a little frother pitcher thingy the right size.

nathan rubio says:

Thx for the vid.

But can this machine use those single use pods?

Tai Nguyen says:

tks for the vids

Zeger Wijnans says:

I don’t like it that the coffiecup is moving when I use the machine!

osamex says:

thanks a lot for the informative video… I got my De’longhi coffee machine
and can’t wait to try it

Max Chase says:

If you wanna do the De’Longhi right, just get some quality ESE pods.
Luccafe’ will blow your mind w/ their awesome coffee. Smaller shots are
better w/ this machine.

Marilyn Johnson says:

Help! my nob on top to froth is stuck and won’t move. Does anybody know
what wrong?

rpavich says:

Thanks for the informative video…appreciated. I just got this machine and
was looking for details on how to use it.

Reoneill REO says:

Great demo! Thank you very much. Just bought the same machine and like it.
Your video was very helpful.

Mike Anderson says:

What is that piece of crap sitting on? 

Dondi Eckert says:

Wake me up when you get er done! what a mess maker!

Doug Cardo says:

Great video. Thanks for all the testing and beneficial info.

Mark Smith says:

Thanks for the review. I am replacing my little steam pressure Mr. Coffee
el cheapo and am looking forward to learning the ins and outs of this
machine. Other than a few of the ergonomic issues, we are loving it so far.

Emadonn Mc says:

nice clip 

danny lupton says:

This was an awesome clip but is it safe to steam eggs? 

nathan rubio says:

The unit is pressurized…you don’t have to tamper; if anything, just to
been neat. 

Ariel Bertin says:

The filter look like presurized so you don’t need to press the coffee whith
a temper, that’s totally useless because the presurized filter will make
pressure himself but…
The extration will not be GREAT as such a normal filter, the crema won’t be
a real one like in the italian café, just bubble like a capsule

Have a nice day.

Basta says:

I just got this same machine and I seem to have a problem with the water
reservoir, when I put it in filled with water, all of the water just flows
out the machine from down, till all the water is finished, any idea what’s
causing this? 

Kathy Stein says:

what type of coffee do you use to make espresso with this machine?

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